Bond’s Gadgets You Can Actually Buy – Part 2

gadgets that let you become and James
Bond everyone knows the best part of any James Bond film is his gadgets to
celebrate the upcoming release of the 24th Bond movie spectre we’ve rounded up
the best devices money can buy to unleash your inner 007. number 1.
jet pack for $150,000 you can make like bond in thunderball and use this jet pack to
escape from gun-toting bodies or just for a trip to the grocery store
available early next year for Martin aircraft it might not be as compact as
bonds but it can fly for 30 minutes at speeds of 46 miles per hour number 2. underwater car ok so you have
to get your feet wet but it’s the closest you’re going to get to bonds
infamous submarine Lotus Esprit featured in The Spy Who Loved Me designed by
Swiss carmaker Rinspeed, sQuba can dive up to 10 meters has a
self-contained on-board oxygen system and can accelerate up to 50 miles per
hour the sQuba prototype costs cool 1.5
million dollars but you’ll never have to catch the ferry again number 3. SmartWatch here’s a bit of
bond fiction that definitely came true and while the smart watches on the
market today might not be able to detonate explosives or stop bullets like
bonds they can make phone calls draw pictures and monitor your fitness
levels number 4. Gyroplane diehard Bond fans
will finally remember classic bond gadget little Nellie helping double 07
ply swiftly into battle and you only live twice a cross between a fixed-wing
airplane and helicopter airplane can cost up to $100,000 number 5. multitouch table computer Quantum of
Solace saw 007 ditch old PCs instead preferring to gather info on
his nemesis using an interactive table computer moving files and pictures
around with his fingertips the good news is this technology already exists try the Microsoft Samsung pixel cents
per for example number 6. GPS tracking device back in 1964 homing
devices or GPS to you and me helped 007 track cold fingers
rolls-royce all the way to Switzerland these days you can grab small tracking
devices from any electronics store or install an app on your phone to help you
find everything from lost car keys to pets number 7. books safe the baddies
also had some cool trick in From Russia With Love service at an immigrant
can see all his weapons inside a copy of war and peace why not store your valuables into a
hollow book safe that you can buy for around $10 she’s one that’s particularly
dog-eared to throw any would-be thieves are the scent number 8. fingerprint scanner today
anyone with an iPhone can be privy to this piece of sky light technology but
back in diamonds are forever this was big business you can pick up a mobile
scanner for around $50 to keep your computer safe that’s a spyware bargain number 9. Q’s robot dog making its adorable debut in a view to a kill
superhead video camera fries and a retractable neck make like you and grab
yourself a mechanical made for around $80 available from toy stores they come
in different shapes and sizes and can buy play and understand several
languages number 10. Flameless USB Lighter arc is known for producing some
seriously wacky creations so we know he’d love this perfect for lighting your
nemesis cigar this gadget users quayle’s to generate heat lighting cigarettes
without flames are fluid and it charges by your computer you can pick one up
easily online number 11. voice changer in diamonds
are forever find out with his opponents by using a cassette player to alter the
sound of his voice you too can sound like anyone from your neighbor to your
son basic software starts at $10 but can cost up to $500 to change tone and
active number 12. an indestructible car if like bond you live your life in the
fast lane a very dangerous fast lane then this car is for you priced at $144,000 this Tesla electric
cars tough enough to withstand biological weapon attacks thanks to
special air filters that can dispel powerful chemicals Thank you for
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