Bitter Movie Critic – Kite Runner

Bitter Movie Critic – Kite Runner

cases there are any demands not on that going on and alright distributed or got a review cutler when we saw a
like a hundred years ago but %uh daiwa scott ritter kite runner is the adaptation of a
best-selling novel from a couple years ago that everybody who read it love it’s the story of two boys who grow up
as friends in afghanistan before the russian invasion and it traces a conflict in their lives
that goes through the invasion of the russians and then the taliban takeover
of afghanistan toward the end and it’s a really good touching movie it’s what i like moses it’s about people
it’s not about all this whiz-bang stuff that allow hollywood movies are about yet we have a movie about people that
that’s already a step up from me not it was emotional and other points in
the movie where would he cried but you don’t have the kind of movie like united
or sometimes a smelled right but this was not known dramatic he had just the right touch i dont go
over the top and i loved it fellows and there’s a lot of stupid movies on
the holidays is always a lot of stupid movies etc and he had a chance to go movie ricotta
goto like like their are always essay
question you both off yet and this one is quality it’s is a perfect no movies ever perfect
of course and %uh it’s it’s some people say it’s a little on and i guess it’s a
little on but i went over sweat that all bazaar i’ve never got bored i thought
the jazz move right along until a great story movies are supposed to be about stories
and there is a he wrote that in the movie everything just felt just right five are responsibilities the long time
ago but they had a conflict as the two main child actors and i actually actors their two
children from afghanistan and there was a child rape scene in the movie and they
feared that these two children from afghanistan would fall under a stigma in
their home country at the movie were released so they’ve delayed it while
they took care of the kids and now it’s that wide that it was released in the
u_s_ i might be hard to see a lot of places but it should be out there and it
is worth the effort of trying to find it and yet many movie kids afghan said so
they’re fine %uh its part resembles other comparison
here leslie and i want to see atonement marine drive me to read as seven golden
globes and it was hideous who was awful solo boring out of time i was longer but when
he was longer but on the ceiling glass of toward a half years does send dreadful long poem where people can walk you around and
saying nothing if you have a seat crap like that don’t
do it save your money but i a moderate step so i’m pretty clear on a day of
publicity erlin review file on this is the worst you can get
small spatter is your lemons is not better all it’s a great review we’re
going to have a there are a lot of good things about the
story i could find a couple of laws here there are there with the what
the main actors that dole’s connell weekend so someone’s not so great
dialogue but all that doesn’t add up to even a
single ended so i have to give the zero leominster kite runner op autocratic unprecedented zero lamps but here they gotta go see it now and a great weekend young turks

Eugene Islam

18 thoughts on “Bitter Movie Critic – Kite Runner

  1. Gotta check this one out. I have never seen this TYT feature before – I love it! I hate snotty movie reviewers! Dave is perfect.

  2. it was a great film, sad realities cannot be ignored, and this film is sure to get people talking; how the heck can u even compare atonement to kite runner? we've had ZILLIONS of sappy romantic films even women are getting tired of them b/c they're waking up and realizing that "romance" is not like that.

  3. I didn't like how the book ended. One thing happened that I didn't think fit (I don't want to ruin the ending for any one). It was not believeable. Up until then, I did like the book. Have not seen the movie.

  4. Um not really. Amir's father Baba is Pashtun, and in the truck scene especially is portrayed as a courageous, not to mention hardworking man. Nice try tho.

  5. When you read the Kite Runner, you truly have to understand why we still need a military. That abuse of the Afghans by both the Russians and the Taliban was / is horrible. Whenever we have poverty, lack of education, lack of humane leadership, it all goes wrong. Sad, Sad – I was so upset. But well written.

  6. Well, there are some pashtuns, portrayed by Assef(or whatever his name is), that are hostile to the hazaras. Others, portrayed by Baba, aren't hostile and are kind to the hazaras. This movie shows both sides, and I do admit that it is a little bit biased, due to the rape scene. I still loved the movie, and it is not as biased as some people think. When people see this movie, they are not really thinking about the conflict of pashtun and non-pashtun, but the violence taking place in Afghanistan.

  7. really touching movie it does give the impression that the talibans were a bunch of pedophile gangstas ,they were not . they're just a really fanatic go by the book people applyng the sharia with extreme severity

  8. I preferred the Kite Runner to atonement but I quite liked atonement it wasnt that bad.. 😀 vry good u didnt give any lemons.. i preferr the book (both The Kite Runner and Atonement novels) myself but the movie wasnt bad at all 🙂 sweet actors.. and stuck to the story pretty well..

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