BF4 Campaign Walkthrough Part #2 – GUNSHIP!

BF4 Campaign Walkthrough Part #2 – GUNSHIP!

hello guys and welcome back to another
1i battlefield 4 videos this is part 2 and I felt it coming on guys ran them on
20 and look after falling me I can leave a comment down below what
gets you got it oh shit well we’re fucked run back run back and forth oh my gosh you need to get the hell out of here all the reflections are so nice we’re almost to the chopper boys the beating done scared oh god no shit oh fuck that could have
ended very badly just imagine your fingers something
getting caught in that concrete we got a black hawk down boys we got a
flat rock down black shit well there is that shit okay Matt packing Hawkins the rest of
the crew known to buy that get down away from the wreckage I can’t
very well oh shit oh God came and were you – yeah
they’re gonna have to cut that shit off man sorry no way your leg would be saved
from that the piece of concrete came down on that heavy police know you have
to get out again it’s going to do knife before Staff
Sergeant good relations all right buddy stuck in trouble it’s only to survive come on the bone
powder just flesh and uniform keeping me here do it now yeah oh fuck go there is his pants down to
combat lifesaver mention know that pat was like a three hour course well I knew that was coming if a piece
of concrete lands on your leg that heavy your leg is gone I mean I’m surprised it
wasn’t even cut off in the first place just from that we’re gonna get to drive
this shit oh fuck yeah let’s get into this thing oh yeah let’s turn up the music I need these guys to turn up the music
to focus I’m gonna hit this thing construction nothing happened except for
a little fun i’m gonna try and stay in the lines as much as possible here we’re still law-abiding city since oh man that’s a lot of fun is that coach we’re going so fast oh damn we’re going to break on this thing oh
shit oh god I can’t see anything that fucking
likely fuck good good good good Tunnel tunnel you know we could just stay in the
tunnel and we be saved oh my gosh why is the rain going on my
screen Oh God we’re going up road Boyz 4 will
trap I’m stepping on a bitch oh my gosh I
think I just shit my pants I think I just literally soiled my pants
oh yeah yeah now i’m definitely going to soil my pants after this one did we miss him until we hit him oh god
I missed him ok so we’re back in the vehicle we’re
not going to miss him this next time that’s actually the first time i missed
him I’ve never failed that before what if there’s a way to like dog shit
though watch all the rounds I am stepping out of your pocket bench I don’t think there’s a way to escape
but i think this is just like I cut scene or something yeah oh yeah that’s what I’m talking about I never could figure this out i don’t
know if this is the reason in the first part your guys are the
Intel and stuck in the vehicle or chinese military coup the Russians would be loyal to Admiral
track that confirms the report from our asset in china says that sergeant Dunn
was killed for something we already know there’s rioting in the streets of
Shanghai captain and the Russians are getting involved we needed to know for sure that we had
to lock down to where is is delicate enough one wrong move we’re talking war you
have your orders captain I steaming towards the east coast of
China Marshall fucking law for a billion
people pissed off about the assassination and
Jay who was he sir who’s on deck for the presidency
aggressive push the government for transparency fairness freedom of speech Admiral Chang convince more than a few
of them that we killed mr. J have your operation blows up changle have all the excuse he needs to
give all that anger all that hate real target will be war your job is to pull the ip’s out of the
GU tower safe and sound extraction will be coordinated by one
spook age and Laszlo w Kovac unless absolutely necessary do not fire your weapons on fire in my
weapons Staff Sergeant done fell you were the
guy to lead the team give orders of anything happen to you his loss it’s tragic to say the least don’t make me regret honoring his last
decision do the right thing fly under the radar all right we’ll chat will try nothing happens to the car relax a
little brother will be all right she called on his wife haven’t gotten
around to the back what am I supposed to say that like he
died a peaceful death and I’m not gonna lie about it irish sorry man Sam hit that
motherfucker this shit is all fucked up capsule just the fuck you just hit that
person who after the shit storm and pick up the prize right it’s gotten juncture right when I’m shit
should go for a cup of coffee yeah dude is in it and pedestrian and
back there you should go for a cup of coffee and just what the fuck is up with
me just act natural natural shit wreck fuck I look try to you back anybody
going to get man you’re not active natural right now we need to start
acting more natural make a left left here hitting
pedestrians coming through easy what we going to end only vips garrison say three music
perfect tool don’t go and hit another one is easy I like it when she done yet pissed off
the pedestrian we got to leave the van guys continue 14
come on record wow I really do not want this guy on my
team making these pedestrians pissed off you don’t even have a gun look back ok let me one we just got the lock picker oh man we
gotta lock picker now if they see us right now see what we’re doing they’re
going to be so suspicious hey you got an open human that’s getting here these bicycles
yourselves a roadster oh I just about fell down on me it yeah of course I always have to go first I spring up the ladder no I have to try
that sometime what if i get over here oh god guys
think we might just got into a up okay good I’m gonna see if I can spring
up the ladder though I want to see if you can do this ok this is normal speed it’s a sprint
speed all right doesn’t look like there’s a
sprint implemented on the ladder I just want to give that a shot on complex
pretty cool we doing now nice and quiet ok this time let’s not fall off the
ladder and he load is not full well all these guys down here anyway and I
wouldn’t want to get spotted by the am going to see if I club down the ladder
trying to spit on how long she do it you can do it out alright so how do i go down the ladder
it’s nice and quiet okay okay yeah I get it I’ll finally we’re on it
don’t know how I’d done it the first time that’s weird but anyways we’re in
Shanghai guys doing something or whatever his name is I don’t know so I actually forget you do
yeah the main character is on the attend the
description now the main character of the Japanese side of the military to
stone mistral fortress problems already this is like a turnaround target
actually some sort of like stealth mission or something no I think we’re just like going
undercover but i’m not sure i’m just going to pull
my guys because they kind of know what we’re doing I know that we’re in Shanghai and that
we’re here well I don’t really know we’ll just have
to find out the number not really sure why we’re here but reach the VIPs I think we’re in some people were about
ready to get ourselves into the market or shit Oh what you get now the backpack for no
man yeah we’re looking for something here
we’re looking for some action that’s a lot of talking about what stop
are so good it’s going to you that I acid or some shit up and we’ll see let’s
do some shit to discuss wedding like hell man right sky bar was in the fucking rules you
really called bunch of life like it looks like this it’s just you
just leave our ship come on bitches run for all right we
need to get down to the next story that was terrible the alternative is I killed two of them
already if we were all shooting at him we might be able to take them all out I look at here we got ourselves a
daughter cells of weapons great here ump45 will probably want that this looks
like it’s going to be close quarters engagement 45 packs the ump45 packs of
45 around caliber which would be very good for stopping power we do not want this so oh yes the hawk
12g that’s a lot of talking about that’s a shotgun right here but do we want that or do we want
another one I think that we want the heart of G look
at this the expecting got my guns ok this looks bad very bad in here oh yeah
yeah I mean I him oh no one alright goodnight bitch oh yeah that’s love talking about where
these other guys that wear these other guys to see one they can take that take that oh yeah you all these bullets and this
this is like this is badass we have a shotgun we’re behind the saloon right
now this is so classic Oh may have more
power to get killed multi kill you I got to get up here oh Jesus got to get
up there somehow I throw a grenade up there right here
may throw grenade got a hitmarker that’s not good enough
all right i’m gonna get up here ok I’ll die we’re getting shot out like
that Oh my die here nice oh man we’re so close to dying I’ve got a plan now I start getting
killed and then jump over that jump over this little ledge here up the off into
the saloon we’ll make it and pull it oh yeah we call him kills man I’m throw
a little Chinese i’m behind this from me being a little sneaky bastard don’t know whether I should pick this up
but it had ammo and this gun is really nice I don’t know what I wish you can tell
you guys actually i wish i could tell you guys what brown this shit but I just
can’t don’t know maybe i can find it here the gadgets – shit – nope but I do got
we got a claymore now so that should be very effective look at this weapon crate that’s the one we have now the QB z-95 1
i’m pretty sure we already have that one locked yes we do see here i’ll tell you
the round is five . by 442 dap a 7 i’m not familiar with that cartridge and
also I can’t tell you anything about that cartridge but i can tell you that
it’s really going on battlefield 3 battlefield 4 that you see this guy is
just the expert is it old man don’t want to get spotted by one of them
things again I guess that one’s not the actual gun ship that was just going to
thank you ready oh we got action Kevin and I think of a
nice place to to hold off though i’m not going to hold off here looks pretty good
although they are landing on top of the roof aren’t they I’m gonna see them for all they are

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