Hey what’s up guys! Welcome to another
video, I’m Ryan. Today we are going to have a look at this amazing quadcopter
it’s the Bayangtoys X16 GPS version with brushless motors. This is a noobs
point of view, this is my first drone. Hope you guys like this video, so sit
back relax and enjoy it! (Auto-generated subtitles, incorrect words or sentences may appear) Ok, let’s unbox this baby! You can find
a link to this quadcopter in video description Guys, if you like the
contents of my channel and my videos, please subscribe and if you like the video
please give it a thumbs up. Thank you very very much!! So there you have it! It says on the box
it has a HD camera which is not true. I think there used the same box from the previous version. Although, if you notice, on the sides there’s a GPS sticker indicating
this is the latest version. Some technical data Comes with a user manual in English, not
the easiest to comprehend what is written on it It’s not the end of the world pause the video if you want to have a
closer look Inside the box you’ll find: landing gear with
a screwdriver and some other bits and of course, the quadcopter.
As mentioned, this is the GPS version has the brushless motors, some LEDs, camera
mount at the bottom, on/off switch battery compartment. Banana
connector And this is the battery, a lipo battery 11.1 volts 2200 milliamp hour This is the controller. Quality looks good
enough. Of course it’s plastic. Trim buttons here. At the bottom you have a series of
buttons, most of them don’t work. In the middle you have the return
to home button, up and down is for pictures and videos, if you have a camera
installed, the original camera. On the right it’s the headless mode and on the left
its the GPS on and off These four buttons on the left don’t work. Takes six double-a batteries top right you have the auto take off and the auto landing button. On the left you have two speed modes. This is the charger. It
will have a red LED when is charging the battery And it comes with two sets of
propellers. There you go guys, this is what you get in the box: The controller, the battery, the charger, the drone itself, two sets of props, landing gear, user manual
and some tools. Already mounted the landing gear. Let me show you how to mount the propellers. So you have A and B sides which is the silver and the black. On the
propellers you have the same thing, A and B. Two As and of course, two Bs. So you’ll need to take out the screw/nut Put the right propeller on, and tight the nut. Depends on if its A or B, you need to tight it clockwise or anti-clockwise Let me show the controller this is a return to home button, very
important button for me!! Different speeds, on the Left as you can see, H and L High and Low On the right is the headless mode. Left GPS On and Off Yeah that’s it! it’s good! Another look at the drone with the
lights flashing Very nice affordable drone with amazing specs for its price.
I couldn’t find a cheaper drone with such amazing features only found on much more expensive models. Offers GPS, automatic return to home with a the press of a button, automatic takeoff and landing, headless mode, altitude hold, brushless motors. Can support up to 450 grams of payload I know some people put motorized
gimbals with cameras without any problems. On my case I just used a
standard gimbal. I’ll leave a link in the description for that gimbal as well. Ok, enough boring talk let’s take it outside I didn’t get it on video but before you
take off you need to do a compass calibration and Gyro leveling’
following those steps shown on the screen. Please pause if needed After this you
just need to wait for GPS signal, LEDs lights will stop flashing and will
stay solid and you are good to go. One click to takeoff… and we are flying, first time! at this moment I just want to see out
the drone reacts to the controls, try not to do nothing stupid or crazy. Let’s bring it
down with one click to land Smooth landing! Good stuff! Let me arm the motors again and do a manual takeoff This is the Yaw very fast quadcopter so guys I’m not an expert on this, I’m just playing around, explain what I’m seeing let me put an action camera on it one click to take off, press an hold… let’s bring it down again yeah, so far so good, no complaints
whatsoever. At this moment I’m not touching the controllers,
GPS is keeping the drone on its position today is a bit windy It is very stable flyer Remember that I never tried a drone
outdoors Let’s go forward Wow Its quick! Maybe it’s better if I bring it
higher but I’m a bit scared of the wind I will leave now on the screen the setup I’m using for the camera, modified with some foam bits inside the mount and outside the
mount to reduce the jello effect as much as possible. Yeah, when I move the drone left or right
you can tell the GPS is trying to lock the same position that’s why you see
that wobbling effect like it’s bouncing back. I’m flying with the GPS on, off
course if I want to I can turn it off and flying with just the altitude holder
only. I’m not going to do it just leave it as it is. Try keep it
safe. Let’s take the drone for a last flight today I’ll show you the video from the
camera without the legs of the drone I just cropped it out on post, footage will
look much better. Let’s play a bit more with the drone yeah very nice quadcopter this is! Okay guys let’s wrap this video so in conclusion this is the Bayangtoys X16 GPS
drone. An affordable quadcopter I’ll leave a link in description if you guys want to have a look. It has loads of features like automatic return to home with just a press of a button, automatic takeoff and landing, headless mode, altitude hold and of course brushless motors. Stay tuned to this channel
hopefully I can do another video with the landing gear of the x21
the next model up, which in theory due to the different design of the legs itself
the camera will not pick them up That’s it guys! I really hope you
like this video if you do so please do leave it a thumbs up. Subscribe to my
channel check, my other videos and thank you very much for watching!

Eugene Islam

6 thoughts on “BAYANGTOYS X16 GPS Drone – NEW PILOT REVIEW

  1. Good review ! I'll buy one in a few days ! I have a Hubsan H501c and a Bugs 3 ! The GPS is important for me ! Can you tell me more about the fly time ? Thanks ..

  2. I bought this quadcopter and it is an amazing flier just as you said. I did a few mods on it and now it flies out to 600m before it RTH. Great Quadcopter.

  3. My first flight bro.. this drone its damn good

  4. Hi, nice video. I am planing to buy this quad, but I am a litle bit confused about altidude hold on this drone. With GPS it has altitude Hold. Is it possible to switch of GPS? And what with altitude hold then? Has it a barometric altitude hold?

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