Armada: Black Ships | World of Warships

Armada: Black Ships | World of Warships

Black Friday
is rushing around the planet and ushering in unbelievable
discounts and unique offers. But only our Shop
offers all of that without spending the night waiting
outside stores, crowding, and queues. In preparation for the event
that’s been long-awaited by many, we’ve shipped our new
Black Friday 2019 containers to the Premium
Shop and Armory. They hold Premium Account time,
doubloons, expendable camouflages, Free XP, and stylish
Black ships from Tier VII–IX. I want to talk
about them in detail. Thanks to their
unique appearance, these ships will be real
jewels in your collection. I think you’ll agree that
they are extremely attractive due to their strict black paint
scheme with glimmers of chrome. The most popular
ships in the game— Alaska, Graf Zeppelin,
Scharnhorst, and Sims, are now available
with this new look. Welcome our
Black Division 2019. US destroyer Sims
is an agile Tier VII ship, the acknowledged master
of vigorous artillery duels. She enjoys good speed
and maneuverability, as well as fast-
reloading artillery guns— making her the perfect choice
for the fans of rapid gameplay. Additionally, she has two options
for her torpedo armament: long-range and slow,
or medium-range and fast. Scharnhorst is one of the most famous
German Navy ships of the late 1930s. She was often
classified as a battlecruiser because of her
283 mm main battery guns. In the game, she has a firing rate
and speed unlike any other battleship, while her armor is nearly as good
as that of other same-tier ships. That makes her
an unsurpassed cruiser hunter. Graf Zeppelin is
a Tier VIII aircraft carrier named after Ferdinand von Zeppelin,
a German airship developer. Graf’s peculiar feature is the immensely high speed of her
bombers and torpedo bombers. This allows her aviation to
execute more frequent air strikes and quickly get out of the
enemy’s AA defense range, thus significantly
increasing their survivability. The ship is also equipped with
powerful secondary armament— an unusual feature for carriers. Alaska is a representative
of a special type of ship that stands somewhere between
a cruiser and a battleship. She was officially
classified as a battlecruiser. In the game,
she resides at Tier IX. The ship has large dimensions, boasts
an extensive pool of HP for a cruiser, carries powerful 305 mm artillery, and
enjoys a very diverse set of consumables. Alaska excels at destroying
cruisers from medium ranges. You can obtain these desirable
ships in Premium containers or purchase each
of them separately. You can also purchase all four of
them at once for a great discount. How can a stylish ship be left
without a unique Commander? Let’s welcome
several new Commanders— their appearance and traits
make their voices heard in saying “I was born for that ship and
I’ve been thoroughly trained. My twelve skill points
speak for themselves.” Having obtained a Black ship, you’ll gain access to the combat
mission of her standard form. Completing the mission
will reward you with doubloons. In the case of Alaska,
you’ll also get 100,000 Free XP. This year, Black Friday
is set to party hard. Open up your holds, grab containers,
and add stylish ships to your fleet. Last year’s ships—Tirpitz,
Asashio, Atago, and Massachusetts, have also returned for a while. Don’t miss the chance
to add them to your collection! Apart from the aforementioned items,
especially for Black Friday 2019, we’ve made unique flags and patches
dedicated to every ship of the event. The Black Friday
event lasts for 7 days. Purchase your favorite
ships with the new look, win battles,
and earn doubloons. We wish you great battles
and rich trophies, Captains!

Eugene Islam

15 thoughts on “Armada: Black Ships | World of Warships

  1. On wows Legends: 1 black Friday box opening 200 doubloons

    Wg: IGHT imma give you Scharnhorst B!

    Me: no fucking way… 😱!!
    Great i have 2 scharnhorst in my collection!

    I wanted warspite b πŸ˜‚ but anyway im satisfied for this early Christmas giftπŸŽ„πŸŽβ€

  2. This year I bought 2 container, Got 1250 doubloons and opens another one to get sims, then buy another container and get graf zeppelin

  3. Thank you for helping me save money this year WG. I already own the standard version of all of these ships that I care about so have zero reason to spend a dime on any of these bundles. I was hoping for a reduced price on some premium time or even dubs. Thanks for saving me some money by not offering a single thing worthy of my time.

  4. the only thing graf zeppelin had was her speed that you downgraded to 220 from 300 or something. now shes useless and overpriced!

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