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2 thoughts on “Arkham Horror: Final Hour | Playthrough | slickerdrips

  1. I got an early copy of this, a while back, and while I like it, and can see them doing a lot of packs for, it does have a few issues.

    I can see it being a Marmite game. No middle ground. Also, in solo mode, unless you die first OR are a complete moron, you will win at the end of turn 6 every single time, at the latest, though usually dead on, because of a particular rhythm the solo game has, and that predictability will does hurt the solo game.

    As this is the replacement for the now-discontinued Elder Sign line, I expect plenty of expansions will come, I just can't see what they'd add beyond new AOs, new investigators, new items, and new mob mechanics… well, unless they go right down the ES route, and just drop new playing environments.

  2. Hey. Looks fun but the game is taking a beating by the Arkham fans. Would you recommend this game instead of Pandemic? This or Eldritch Horror? 😛 thx

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