Archeage Commerce 3: Donkeys Airships, and Carriages

Hey everybody, this is ian here and today we will be talking about Donkeys, Airships, and Carriages 3 “free” ways to get around using packs, as well as what you will be using to start using commerce. First off: Donkeys, you have a small quest line to go through in order to get them, w/ the blue salt brotherhood Merchant recruiter. The quest line will end at the Trading Guide relative to your faction. This involves gathering, and trading packs. When you complete your quest line, you will receive a donkey, which moves faster than you do with a pack. This is a black donkey, which I forgot to mention you have to raise and takes almost no time to do so. and requires Vita Root. As said, you can carry a trade pack on a donkey riding at a speed faster than you would if walking. When your donkey reaches level 25, he will be able to use Dreaming Donkey, which for the cost of a carrot, boosts your donkey by 30% of its speed. The donkey is a great alternative to walking because it is slightly faster. Over time you can gain new, better donkeys such as the mirage isle donkey or… Bob… Man you look so derpingly terrifying bob… please bob… do not mate, you haunt my dreams. Its a carrot wings just FYI, I just call him bob. But bob has a “Flight” ability, which can prevent fall damage if used correctly, and he is faster than the normal donkey. So thats just one of the ways you can get around faster than walking. Next up: Carriages! SPOILER: Im the only one who calls it a taxi. I couldn’t get it out of my head while doing this video so it stuck. You can sit on it using the standard button, or F key, or right click, and you can sit on it even while carrying a pack. Carriages will follow a set path through their zone. If you are on a carriage, that zone is color coded. Each carriage will have 2 or more stopping points it travels back and forth between, to allow for travel through an area. All this means is you have a completely free way to transport packs back and forth in a region. So if you can’t afford a donkey, my reccomendation is to get one, but you can still use carriages for AFK travel. Next up: Airship Towers. 1-2 found in most regions throughout a continent, on Haranya, and Nuia. Airships will transport you between Airship Towers, like carriages, on a specified route. Brain fart. No intelligent life detected. Moving on. At the top of Airship towers you will have the airship conductors. Also, you can climb airship towers by foot only. This is another example for an airship tower, namely the Hasla elevator One of the features of the airship towers is that there is no way to get a vehicle up into the tower itself. So, the only way you can get into an airship, is by foot, or mount, one trade pack at a time. I dont know if you can bring a skateboard up into the tower, but that in the next video. As you can see you can get up into the airship by standing under the elevator as it goes down. Its a slow elevator, but as I wrote down, you can bring mounts and donkeys up through here as well. All airship conductors and Carriage conductors have a spyglass, which if you use using the F/CLICK/Button use You get a circle that appears on your minimap, This shows the location of airships and carriages in the circle This is good to use if you believe you might have to wait a while. This should help you to move packs a bit faster by foot. Last item we talk about: Airships. Airships you can hold an immeasurable amount of people or mounts on. As you will remember, you are unable to bring vehicles up into the tower, so solo, you only get one pack. Worst Airship driver ever. Can’t even park at the dock. All you have to do to use one, is to walk onto one, and you are safe as long as there is no-one else there. A lot of people don’t really use the airships that much, so travel between different areas can be safer. at least compared to walking or riding a donkey. Airships will always bring you a directed route from one region to another. Again though. Limitations only allow you to bring one pack at a time via airship. As a final thought. There are positives and negatives to each free way to get around in the world. Donkeys:+Little bit faster than walking. +-cute or wierd looking. -Still slow compared to other transports. Carriages/Airships: +Fast and completely free. -Only goes to specified points. -Long Wait time. My reccomendation? Get a donkey, and use ALL options to start. Again, everything is up to you for using free transport.All 4 options are completely viable. Thank you for watching, please like and subscribe if you learned something, Leave a comment if you see something I missed. Net episode is about vehicles you craft for land use. Thank you for watching aaaaand have a good one!

Eugene Islam

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