Alien Like Drones disguise as Helicopters. Whats Happening in Arizona? 2018

Alien Like Drones disguise as Helicopters. Whats Happening in Arizona? 2018

Eugene Islam

47 thoughts on “Alien Like Drones disguise as Helicopters. Whats Happening in Arizona? 2018

  1. Saw your link on secureteam comments. Where you at in AZ bro? I'm in Tucson and see weird shit on the daily, well nightly. Subd. Keep it up!

  2. Man if you see these on the reg you should see if you can find someone with a superzoom camera to record these…even something like a coolpix b700 should give you a pretty high res close up. Also came here from secureteam10… πŸ˜›

  3. Hmmm wow actual alien drones shape shifting and mimicking it looks like to me Helicopter lol but no sound…Think they slick πŸ˜‚

  4. I see these over San Diego often. Same formation. One over the other just there. One time I looked away for a few seconds. Gone. But they come back often. I'll record next time I see.

  5. Here in Holland i see things happening in the clouds. Like formations of ufo's coming out of them. Or sea gulls gathering in a cloud, like they're being fed from a balcony, or something.
    They hide in clouds. Or project clouds around them with holographic technology.

    I got interested after having recalls of me receiving implants by a Large Grey.
    It's a cornucopia of ET's out there. And our governments know all about it.
    There are implants in my ear lobes. I had some in my chin, but i managed to get them out. They are rice grain sized and glued onto the bone with some black, crunchy putty like stuff. Check yourself for those things.
    I'm clueless as to what their purpose is.
    Hundreds of thousands of humans must have these implants. Perhaps hundreds of millions.
    Meanwhile, i have recalls of many encounters and even past lives.
    And again, i am not the only one. Not at all.

  6. Not to complain but you should use a camera stand, it's annoyingly how the camera shakes. I know it's unconvenient to carry a Capra stand everywhere with you. But great find

  7. UFOs are really becoming more and more common as of late. I saw one 2 weeks ago, it was during the daytime and it was like sphere and it stood there then disappeared. Is project blue beam or the fake alien invasion near

  8. if you haven't heard of Stan Deyo I suggest you check his Testimony out. He is has a lot of legitimate information as to what these are. Also check out Steve Quayle Beneath the Ice. Shadow government has had this tech and much more for decades. The Biblical narrative answers all of these and many other questions but you need to do the research for yourself.

  9. read about your link in comment section from Secureteam10's channel. I had to check you out. great job, and keep on recording footage. it's truly amazing how so much is kept hidden from the rest of the world, I'm glad that some of us get a chance to see these things first hand because as of yet I haven't ever seen anything in my sky's in TN. I have always kept my head up and looking for this stuff and haven't had any luck, so good job. keep up the good work. be safe.

  10. Interesting. Perhaps a couple of those extra silent helos like the one they used to snatch OBM πŸ˜‰ Advice for the next take: Don't put any music under the video, especially if we are supposed to listen to something. Otherwise good video.

  11. Well, these lights ARE UFO's until we find out what they are and then they be come identified .. But aliens. Nope aliens are not real space is fake and the horizon is as flat as a pancake no matter how high you go..

  12. that's pretty cool similar to what o see In ireland have two vids nd many more recorded they could be drones but I see them stopping and flaring up from 9pm till 7am v strange..

  13. Didnt think much of the footagecause it's night but I am watching on my phone. After reading the comments and seeing you engaging and learning I will definately go and check this out on my pc. Keep your mind open and keep learning mate! Peace!

  14. "Not a sound, not a sound…" ofcourse we can`t hear any… thanks to your weird added background music…. lol
    Well and later you can clearly hear the "washout"-sound of a helicopter. Good luck on your next try…

  15. I'm a Ufology Videographer, been filming for 6 years. I have witnesses this too!
    "'planes" with no sound and no navigation lights. Hoovering and no blinking lights till they decide to leave. I captured a "Helicopter" shinning its spotlight downward as usual, but this helicopter then flies backwards up into the clouds! Why they pretend? Makes me laugh!
    Tracee, Sky Watcher Productions – OKC UFO, Oklahoma City

  16. Are you near any airports? You might be in the landing path for a nearby airport? When the planes fly towards you from a great distance you don't hear them really and they appear to not move or it will appear to move back and forth almost unnaturally, as the plane adjusts it's path, and then it banks and turns 90Β° which will allow you to now see the dimmer flashing lights on the tips of the wings and the rear of the fuselage. Now keep in mind that all the other jets in the area that need to land will follow the same path at approximately 5-10 min intervals as the ATC at the airport guides them in to land safely. All of this combined will potentially give the appearance of what we are seeing in the video here, I am not trying to discredit you man, I'm truly a believer, but we have to rule out all other hypothesis before we can conclude that what we are seeing is in fact unexplainable. Thank you for sharing this!

  17. i think alot of these are government operations. im sure its not good. probably top secret. and has to do with the public's demise. lol might not saying i dont believe in space craft. just saying maybe.where do you think all the missing trillions go?top secret evil shit.

  18. These are just Helicopters. We get alot of these in Las Vegas. They appear to hover, or fade away and reappear during their flights at night, and NO you cant hear them UNTIL they are nearly right over your head. If you ever see them upclose they are mostly UH60 Blackhawks and they use these odd lighting that makes them appear as an entirely round object at night. When you see them with some daylight still available they will not have the lights on, and you can see that they installed some shielding on the left and right sides of their tail rotors. I live at the edge of the west range mountains and they will often fly over my house in a wide V or single file staggered formation toward pahrump. Each time ive seen them it was late at night or early morning and It always freaked me out because they dont appear to be moving, but if I stay and watch they will eventually pass over my house and only then will I hear their blades chopping through the air in which they eventually fly over the hills and out of view. Whats weird is that they look exactly like round UFOs of light swaying left or right or staying still, but im telling you they are Helicopters with some funky lighting, Ive seen them upclose perhaps a 150 yards flying overhead each time. I repeat, you cannot hear them approaching AT ALL theyre fucking silent on approach.

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