Eugene Islam

22 thoughts on “Airstrikes hit huge ISIS convoy in Falluja

  1. And they blame Israel for using "excessive force", while they use all this against guys with SUVs.

    Thank God we are trashing ISIS, just don't have double standards regarding Israel.

  2. Ever notice how EVERYTHING clown nitwit network says is total BULLSHIT?  And everyone who works (LIES) for them is uglier than a ton of get your ass back and don't get no closer!  Good old cnn, home of such lovelies as ralph madcow (aka rachel maddow), and the list just goes on and on.  Truth and facts be damned, they're paid to pimp for the doucheocrats.

  3. That guy looked so happy to say isis fighters dying I mean yeah I can see why it’s just kinda funny

  4. Her damn shame this is being reported on by CNN we all know it's fake news just something they made up on a slow news day

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