Ace Combat 7’s Sound Design Is Amazing

Ace Combat 7’s Sound Design Is Amazing

Ace Combat always nailed the silly yet dramatic
vibe of dogfighting in the sky, from the Metal Gear-style menus with their wireframe planning simulations to the upbeat dance music that plays in the hanger before the big mission. Ace Combat 7 toes the line between action-packed
blockbuster movie and wacky arcade game. If you haven’t checked out an Ace Combat
game before, the amount of on-screen information might look overwhelming. But most of what you need to know is communicated
to you via the game’s audio. You hear the plane’s warning system blaring
when you’ve got an incoming missile locked on you, and your team’s helpful chatter
on coms helps you navigate the chaos. My favorite touch is what the game does with the music when you’re slicing through a cloud. Clouds serve a pretty strategic purpose during
fights. If you can’t shake a missile, just jump
into a cloud and confuse its tracking systems so you can get it off your back. The trade-off is you lose visibility for a
brief moment. If you’re going too fast, that can mean
a quick dip in the ocean. Spend too much time inside of a cloud and
you run the risk of also icing up your plane too much and stalling out. Any time you’re inside of a cloud, the game also adds a nice moisture effect
on the camera too. Hands down, the coolest touch is the way the
music’s volume dynamically changes insideof a cloud. The moment you slip into a cloud, the music
gets muffled, sort of like you’re underwater. It leaves only the sound of your squad in
your ear along with the system’s warnings and the sound of your plane as it rockets
its way through the void. The muffled music adds a nice tension to the
feeling of losing your bearings and makes breaking through to the other side feel heroic
when the music swells up again. It might not seem like a lot, but it’s a
subtle decoration on an already-tense situation that might actually impact your gameplay. Either it makes you more stressed or helps
you focus. We’ve seen countless examples of dynamic
audio lately weaved into the experience of playing a game, but this one is one of my

Eugene Islam

24 thoughts on “Ace Combat 7’s Sound Design Is Amazing

  1. Nice video and great video game mechanic or effect but I personally wouldn't call it "sound design". I work in audio post production for films and this would be analogous to adding reverb to a movie for a specific scene. While it sounds cool it wouldn't be a design choice, rather a mixing choice. Sound design is more about developing signature sounds i.e. the T-Rex from Jurassic Park, or the Portal Gun from Portal sounds effects. Still though, can't wait to play this game.

  2. I agree that some touches shown in the video are great (I love the cloud muffling. But something is wrong when an independent media outlet does an enthusiastic effusively-titled 100% Positive video about a preview game in the exact manner and tone as an official commercial/demonstration done by the publishers themselves. Is your job to inform and discuss, or is it to advertise commercial product that you were given a free gift copy of by the publishing corporation? I wouldn’t be able to tell from watching videos like this, which is the “normal” situation in the industry.

  3. I'm literally hands down to the background music in ace combat 7. It is just unbelievable. Makes me take interest more and more

  4. Hard to gather from the 2 or 3 clips you let me listen to for a few seconds between talking about it instead, but I'll take your word for it lol

  5. Redout (an extremely good anti-grav racer that flies under the radar) has that sound muffle effect as well when your vehicle goes underwater in it. Love it.

  6. Airplanes are not scientifically possible to fly, they using telekinesis to liften and suspend them while on the air

  7. Talk about how great the music getting muffled when entering clouds proceeds to talk through it and thus not proving his point.

  8. Just a thought – If you're going to do a video about a game's sound, do the commentary via subtitles so that we can, you know, hear the game's sound. Imagine doing a video about a games awesome graphics, but 96% of the video is of the reviewer's face. Pretty pointless, right?

  9. Any body know what the sound is and what it’s called IN “Ace Combat 04”

    When your Afterburning for a while then you Stop , Each Planes Engines Make a Unique Whining Sound !!!!???
    Same thing with Breaking for a long time

    Kinda like a Blow-off Valve ?

  10. The sound effects are awesome! Except the fact that there's only the red alert sound from AC5, when the mission updates.

  11. "Makes you seem heroic when you fly out of a cloud."

    Shows example of him doing it but misses the missile shot when he flies out


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