A Arma Laser Militar Destruidora de Drones – MercadoTechPro

A Arma Laser Militar Destruidora de Drones – MercadoTechPro

Five years ago few people worry about drone threat and now we hear about attacks or raids all the time. Research on laser weapons began almost immediately after their development in the decade 1960. The United States Armed Forces have begun experimenting with anti-drone laser weapons since at least the 1970. ARPA, now DARPA, first destroyed a drone in the sky in 1973 using a laser gun that worked by warming the engine of an aircraft causing he exploded. The drones also known in the military community such as unmanned aerial systems or unmanned aerial vehicles will make a tremendous leap in the use of organizations terrorists as an Islamic State. In the last decade, and while the United States Navy is testing an anti-drone laser since at least 2017. The directed energy weapon uses an infrared optical electronic sensor to identify potential threats before taking down dangerous drones from the sky. The laser can be powered using a standard 220 volt outlet and when connected to a generator can provide an almost infinite number of shots

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  1. Este tipo de defesa é surpreendentemente aterrorizante uma vez que pode ser usada sem quase ser notada. Até onde chegaremos? Deixe seu Like e faça seu comentário. Até a próxima!

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