6 Camera Hacks Every Videographer MUST Know!

6 Camera Hacks Every Videographer MUST Know!

In today’s video you’re going to learn
six camera hacks that every videographer must know. Number
one is for quickly removing the neck strap. The neck strap is great for
carrying a camera around, but often times it gets in the way when you want to shoot
video especially, if you want to put your camera on a gimbal. So what I’ve done is
bought some clips that I can quickly attach to the camera when I want, like
this. These clips are very strong durable your camera is not going to fall out. When I want to take off the neck strap to shoot video, I just simply I’m clip them on like this. Camera hack number two. Once you have the neck strap removed you’ll
notice that these little metal pieces make a jingling noise that can
interfere with your video and the audio that you’re recording. So a simple
solution to stop this noise is to buy some little o-rings. These are little rubber o-rings that you can buy at your local hardware store for
less than 25 cents, but by simply attaching two of these o-rings to each
of these eye sockets on your camera, you’ll stop the noise. Now with the o-rings attached you
can see that if I shake the camera, there’s no metallic rattling noise. Camera hack number three is for reducing wind sound. Oftentimes when you’re recording video with your camera,
you’ll have a professional video mic such as a shotgun mic on the top, but if
you’re recording audio through the internal mics, you’ll probably come
across a wind sound. So you can imagine that if there was wind blowing on these
mics you’d get a lot of interference. To prevent that you can add these fuzzy
little balls here over the top of the internal mics. And you can buy them
online for very cheap. These ones come from China, I don’t know what it says on
the package because it’s in Chinese, but I’ll link to it in the description below. But
by simply applying these little fuzzy microphone things to your camera over the top, you’ll
reduce your wind noise. They act as a windscreen. Camera hack number four is
about your batteries. So when you’re shooting video especially on the smaller
Sony a6500, you’re gonna drain through your batteries pretty quickly, so I
always like to have several backup batteries, now if you don’t label your
batteries you might lose track them, so a simple hack is to label each of your
batteries with a number, and always start with number one.
So after this battery drains out I just reached for my fully charged number two
battery and then after this one runs out I reached for my fully charged number
three battery and so on. This way if you keep in order you’ll always know which
batteries have juice and which ones don’t. Hack number five is for keeping
dust off your camera sensor. So anytime you don’t have your lens attached, you should
attach the camera body cap, and what I’ve done with my body cap is attached
double-sided scotch tape. So what you can do is take this lens cap with
double-sided tape, attach it to the body face the body down and shake the camera. What’s
gonna happen is all the dust that’s on the sensor and in the internal cavity of
the camera is gonna fall onto that tape and it’s gonna stay there instead of
going on to your sensor. You can buy this tape online on Amazon it’s just scotch
tape double-sided. Cut it up and attach it to the cap of the body. Before I go
into the next camera hack, I just like to say if you’re enjoying this video and finding
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below, I respond to every single question. The
sixth and final hack for cameras is to apply a quick-release plates, you can
get these extremely cheap on Amazon and what this allows you to do is move your
camera from a gorilla pod a tripod to a gimbal in just a few seconds. So let’s
say you’re on set and you want to attach your camera to a gorilla pod, you would
just quickly use this quick-release plate, and apply it here,
and then let’s say I want to move on to a gimbal. I would just remove it off this
quick release plate on to the quick release plate that I have on my gimbal. Just
like that. So this saves you a ton of time and effort, you don’t have to
unscrew a base play off the gimbal, off the gorilla pod, if you just have the
quick-release plate it’s as simple as flicking it off and flicking it back on.

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  1. Those are really good useful tips. Why is Sony so popular nowadays especially with people shooting videos on YouTube? Thanks for posting this video. Steve and Jayne

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