6 Best Funnel Building Tools

6 Best Funnel Building Tools

– Hey everyone, in this video, I’m gonna walk you through six tools that you need to get your
funnel building started. (excited music) Hey everyone, if you have heard about marketing funnels
but you’re not really sure what they are and how to build one, this is the video for you. A marketing funnel is simply just the process of getting someone from being a stranger to becoming a
customer in our business. Every single one of us
has a marketing funnel, if you’re an e-commerce site, it goes, somebody clicks on your website, adds to cart, initiates checkout, adds they payment details,
before purchasing. If you’re a service based business, it might be somebody
comes to your website, fills in a consultation form,
you get on the phone call and then they become a customer. This is a marketing
funnel and if we really want to scale our business
and we really want to take our business to the next level, we need to have a funnel
that converts profitably. So, in this video, I’m gonna walk you through my favorite tools that allow us to do just that. First of all you are gonna need a tool that allows you to create the
assets within your funnel. Now, when I say assets,
I essentially mean pages and pages, I basically mean, webpages. Now, the reason we want a tool that allows us to create something other than just using our website, is because, when we get
people into our funnel, we often send people to, what’s called, a landing page, which is a
page that we send people to that has one clear call to
action that we want them to take. I have a video on landing pages, solely, just if you want to go and learn more about
them, a landing page is a place that we send people,
with the purpose of them taking one call to action. When we send people to our website, there’s so many distractions
with different menus and different places
that people can click, that they’re not designed to convert. So our funnels are really
all about conversion and so we want to get
a tool that allows us to create landing pages,
to create our funnels, really easily and quickly. And there’s lots of
different tools out there, on the market, Click
Funnels, Leadpages, Unbounce and also, depending on your
email marketing software, if you use something like
Mailchimp or Converkit, you’re gonna be able
to create landing pages and very basic funnels
within those tools, as well. My favorite tool of them
all is Click Funnels because it is just so easy and fast and simple to create landing pages and to create funnels, even if you want a simple funnel or a complex funnel, Click Funnels allows you to do that, now, I have mixed feelings
towards Click Funnels and I’ve got videos on that, specifically but Click Funnels, for me, seems to be the best software out there
for creating your funnels, regardless of how simple or complicated you want them to be. Now, I touched briefly there on your email marketing software and that is the tool
number two that we need. We need a really good, solid,
email marketing software. A piece of software that allows us to send emails out to people
that sign up for our thing. So, if we’ve got our funnel running and we’re sending people to a landing page to download a free guide, for example, we want all those people to, then, go into our email list, so we can continue to communicate to those people, via email. Now, there’s lots of different options out there for email
marketing software, as well, such as Mailchimp,
Convertkit, Activecampaign, Aweber, Click Funnels has their own email marketing software within the tool itself, as well. The one that I prefer, the one
that I’ve used for years, now is Convertkit, now, when I first started in business, I used Mailchimp and I found it was a really nice tool but it just didn’t have
some of the complex tagging features and
automations that I really wanted and needed and so Convertkit
gives me all of that. So, its really cool if
you’re sending out an email to your big email
list and you’ve got a specific offer, we can tag people if they’ve clicked on the offer link, which means we can send
them follow up emails that are more relevant
to how they’ve interacted with our emails, also, for me, I’m a very visual person and Convertkit allows you to build your
email marketing sequences very visually, so we can
say, when somebody signs up to this form, they
go into this sequence, if they do this, they
go into that sequence, if they don’t do this,
they go into that sequence. And its just very nice and visual and I believe active
campaign does the same, as well, but for me,
Convertkit’s just been the easiest tool to use from a user experience point of view. Tool number three is Rev.com, they are essentially a
transcription service, so, they will create the
captions for the videos that you create, now, if you’re looking to build an audience online,
you’re wanting to get more engagement on Facebook
and YouTube and Twitter and LinkedIn, then you need to be creating captions for your
videos, the vast majority of people are gonna be watching videos without the sound and,
so, if you want to capture their attention, if you want to get them to watch your videos,
you need to be creating content that allows them
to watch your videos, even if they’re not
watching it with sound. So, by using Rev.com,
you can send your video to them, they transcribe it,
create your captions for you, and you can then use that caption file, when you’re uploading it to Facebook and LinkedIn and Twitter and it means people that are watching without sound, will also be able to watch your video. A fun fact for you is the average watch time for a video on Facebook is just six seconds, which means we really need to capture peoples
attention, straight away. And if we are not catering
for them majority of people, which is people that are
watching without sound, then we’re missing out on
that big chunk of views that we could be getting
and you’re potential customers could be in that audience and, you know what, they
will be in that audience. Its just so important
because if you’re spending a ton of time coming up with the ideas for your video content,
creating your video content, promoting your video content,
then you’re missing out on views ’cause you’re
not putting captions in them, its just a massive opportunity and its just a waste of
time and a waste on money and resources for you. Now, I actually have a
link below that’ll give you 10 dollars off your
first order with rev. So, be sure to go click on that, take advantage of that offer because they’re a great company and the service that they
offer is just spot on. Tool number four is
more just a general list of tools around tracking. When we’re sending people to a funnel, a landing page, a sales
page, its vital for us to know what they’re actually doing when they visit that page ’cause when we launch a funnel and
we send people to a page, we don’t know how its going to convert until we send people to it and if we don’t have
tracking tools in place, we’re not gonna get any data back, so, we don’t know how we’ll that page or that funnel is performing. So, there’s some amazing tools out there that allow us to do that. The likes of Google
Analytics, very simple one, its going to allow us
to see the bounce rate, its going to allow us to
see how long are people spending on our page, which can be great. If we’re sending people to a page and we see that they’re not
spending any time on it, it means we’re not capturing
their attention fast enough. If we see that people are spending a ton of time on the page but
they’re still not buying and we know they’re reading the content but they’re not buying,
so we need to think about how can we improve the copy, how can we improve the
experience on that page. One of my favorite tools is, of course, the Facebook Pixel, if
we’re running Facebook Ads to our landing page and our funnel, you want to be able to track how well those ads are performing,
we want to be able to track how much are we spending to acquire a lead, to acquire a customer and we need the Facebook Pixel installed on every stage of our funnel if we’re gonna track the
performance of our ads. Finally, I want to give
a shoutout to Hotjar, as well, Hotjar is an amazing tool that allows you to go super-geeky on the numbers and what people are doing and their behavior on
your funnel and your page. If you install it onto your site, onto your page, you can actually, it records people as
they go onto your page, so, we can see how they scroll, we can see when they click off, we can see which buttons they click on, we can see if they watch
your videos or not. It just gives you an incredible insight into how people are behaving on your site. Which is so, so important because when we launch our
funnel, we launch our page and our website, we don’t know how people are going to interact and so, Hotjar lets you actually
watch those people, which gives you incredible insights. Now, inside the funnel academy, my online membership
around marketing funnels, we actually give all the members a 90 day free trial to Hotjar, so if
you’re interested in that, be sure to sign up to the funnel academy by using the link below,
in the description. My fifth tool is Fiverr, now, chances are, if you’re building a funnel
and you’re creating ads and landing pages and sales pages, you’re gonna need some
designs and some graphics created, maybe you need a video edited, for your sales page or your opt in page. Well, Fiverr is a place that allows you to go and hire different people, different skillsets to
get really quick graphics and video editing done, cheap. And its not just graphics
and video on Fiverr either, you can find a whole
host of different people, with different skillsets on Fiverr, which is gonna allow you to
start outsourcing things, which means, from a funnel perspective, if you can outsource a graphic design and the video editing and whatever else you may need, it means it gonna free up your time to do things like
attract the numbers better. Role out more tests to
really focus on the things that you should be focusing on. Now, one thing I would
say about Fiverr is, just be careful with who you decide to work with because the people on there are offering
services for, typically, relatively cheap, you might not get the best quality of
service, so just make sure that you choose somebody that looks legit, that has examples of work
that they’ve done in the past because I say you might want
a video on your sales page or your opt in page but we don’t want to just do that for the sake of doing it. We don’t want to just go and hire someone on Fiverr so we can put a
video on that sales page. We want to make sure
that we’re hiring someone that actually has a skillset that allows that video to create a better experience on our sales page, our opt in page or on our funnel, in general. And number six, out of my tools, is, of course, Facebook Ads, my favorite. If we’ve got a funnel, we need to send people to that
funnel and if we want to send people to that funnel to that funnel, we need to send the right
people to that funnel and Facebook Ads is the
best way, hands down, to drive the right people to your funnel. And what’s gonna happen with Facebook Ads is we can send people to our funnel, we can see how many
people have seen our ad, clicked our ad, converted as a result and, hopefully, purchased as
a result of our Facebook Ad. And its gonna give you
a sense of whether that funnel works or not ’cause when it comes to building funnels,
the most important thing is getting a stranger to become a customer at a profit and when we’re
running Facebook Ads, it makes it very easy for us to see how much are we spending? And how much are we getting back? There’s no better tool,
there’s no better advertising platform than Facebook Ads, just now, for sending people to your funnel and getting them to convert. Okay, there we have it, those are my six favorite funnel building tools, I hope you found this video super useful, if you’d like to learn
more about the tools, you’d like to get access
to discount on tools, like these and you’d like to get support and guidance as you build
your marketing funnel, then be sure to check myfunnelacedamy.com, link will be in the description below, which is of my online membership program, that gives you hours of
epic training content on how to build a marketing funnel as well as the support from me and the support as the
peers, inside the community. And we would love to work with you on your marketing funnel. If you enjoyed this video,
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