5 Things You Should Know About UBER Flying Taxis

5 Things You Should Know About UBER Flying Taxis

Best Things to Know about Uber Flying Taxis
(female voiceover) Hi guys! Would you love to fly in the air, stretching
arms wide while enjoying the beautiful view of the city? Well, that dream is coming to reality! Uber is known for its taxi services and industries
throughout the world. Do you know Uber is introducing a new innovative
way in its transportation service? They are now inventing flying taxis for their
customers! The Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi said that commercial
flying Uber taxis could happen in the year of 2023! Imagine how cool it will be! If you dream to travel in the air, here’s
your chance to experience the view from the top! Don’t you want to know about the features
of this future creation? Buckle up, coz the facts won’t stop coming! Here are some of the exciting things about
these flying taxis that could make you jump with excitement! The First Look at the Design:
Known as “Uber Air”, flying taxis could be a new futuristic experience for many people. The concept is all running on electricity! The seats of 4 people with one pilot and the
whole thing are shaped as a cylindrical body. It also has large windows that could be breathtaking
for riders! These flying taxis are supposed to be running
at the speed of 150 to 200 miles per hour which would be the best thing one can enjoy
in saving a lot of time! They are using stacking rotors, to make these
taxis lighter to pick up speed in the air. This whole thing will create a new experience
for the passenger to have best riding comforts. Unlike helicopters, these flying taxis would
have a cluster with propellers on top that would run on electricity, making it more viable
and efficient to run. It has the feature of electric vertical takeoff
and landing (eVol) that makes it a unique type of concept. It can run up to 60 miles in a single charge! But Uber claims that it is currently in the
designing phase, and they are researching a lot more to add and present the best design
which comes up with better benefits. Running With or Without Pilots:
Many people dream to ride in aeroplanes and Uber is helping them in achieving that beautiful
feeling! Now, instead of driving, you could just directly
fly to your destination only by using the Uber App on your phone! This concept was first thought to run flying
taxis with the pilot, but now, they seem to run themselves autonomous! The Uber hopes to launch its first service
in 2020 in the Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas and Los Angeles. The company sets out a detailed plan to fill
the skies, and it also announced its partnership with NASA to model an urban air-traffic control
system. But the question still remains whether they
have taken any precautions of the safety of the passengers. The Cost of Riding Uber Taxis:
The Uber head of Elevate, Eric Allison spoke in his interview about aerial ridesharing
that it needs to be competitive with the variable cost of the car ownership. He imagined that the passenger could just
book their rides and move to the platform from where they can ride these Uber flying
taxis. He wants to create a network where the regular
people could take this taxis and skip the traffic at affordable prices! The cost is estimated to be between $0.464
per mile. However, Uber Air will not be that cheaper
at the launch. They want this program to move forward and
let people accept it completely. Initially, it will cost $5.73 per passenger
mile. But, Uber says that it will get the cost down
to $1.86 per passenger! At that point, it would actually be cheaper
to use Uber Air for the people of America! The Uber Flight Plan:
The key tenants for the Uber Air are to have 4 riders in each vehicle and so that the cost
of the ride would go down. And, with the feature of Uber Ride Sharing,
it could be more comfortable for the people to afford the cost of travelling and this
is what Uber is about. But, Uber is facing a tremendous amount of
loss. Still, they are bringing such massive projects. When in an interview, the CEO of Uber was
asked about that, he said that it is the ambition of why the Uber was founded for. They would face ups and downs, but it will
not stop these innovative ideas to make the company grow by introducing flying taxis for
their customers. While Dara Khosrowshahi is focused on future,
there has been a complaint filed against an Uber driver who accidentally killed a pedestrian
while auto-driving. Surprising, isn’t it? But, the company is waiting for the result
of the investigation done by the police. What do you think about this? Dara Khosrowshahi is focusing not only to
improve the unpleasant past of the company, but he is telling to make Uber safe even for
the female employees to work too! Every year there are many women who are the
victim of sexual harassments. He wants to ensure proper growth that could
bring better results in the future for their customers, including the launch of Uber Air. He says,” You got to set some aggressive
goals to push teams and people to make those goals into action!” The company is also partnered with NASA technology
to control the air traffic that could prevent crashes. Already many personal aircraft are battery
operated and some of them are presently running in Dubai. Hmmm Seems like Uber doesn’t want to be
missed out in such innovative technology! In October 2016, Uber released a 90-page full
paper online in which they demonstrated their idea of covering a 2-hour drive in just 15
minutes by flying in the air! It has been estimated that residents in Los
Angeles spend a majority of week working. They got stuck in traffic which can be a major
problem for many. Uber is trying to change their infrastructure
and want to make an average ride cheaper by sing this modern concept of flying taxis. It could revolutionise the entire transportation
system! The advanced technology has provided practical
grounds, and it has proved that such things are possible to bring into reality! The year 2023 isn’t far now, and you can
imagine how amazing it would be for the people to make their travelling experience more beautiful
and adventurous! So, which feature of the Uber Flying Taxi
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  1. For fuck sake. Another one of these robotic narrators. You can tell by the jibberish "he" is speaking.
    Flying taxis will be a disaster and many deaths will result from this.
    There is only so much you can trust technology with and flying is not one you want to put in the "hands" of a machine without some human intervention.
    They still haven't ironed out the bugs with driverless cars killing people, imagine 100's of aircraft flying around a major city with nobody in control?
    No thanks.

  2. Crazy uber faker hes updates the taxi aircrafts helipad in india see how much this business profit plz analysis .
    Asked the everyman driver the uber driver has telling the is fred business .

  3. How dreadful ! Fleets of aluminum eggs propelling and humming like cyborg bees on our clear blue sky, marring our sunsets and sunrises while we rise up our eyes to a hyjacked Uber sky. Heaven forbid dystopia !

  4. i’m honestly kinda sad about how this generation is becoming. flying taxis, drones that deliver packages, and i bet there are going to be flying cars 😪

  5. Great idea, but some idiot will jump out like in the us, to many guns they can shoot down drones, or fly by shooting or doing millions of bad things in the air, remember taxi drivers put in a cage because passenger keep stabbing them from behind?, imagine you have NO DRIVER, 30 meters in the air, and sit next to a dangerous person, it could be your last ride or bring a Parachute with you

  6. first they said that this technology would be availvable at 2020. ITS ALMOST ALREADY 2020 AND I'M STILL USING THE PUBLIC BUS

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