5 Things Every DRONE PILOT Needs (Part 2)

5 Things Every DRONE PILOT Needs (Part 2)

Brett Garamella with BrettGaramella.com here. In this video I’m going to give you the
5 things that every drone pilot needs. There are a lot of accessories you can buy,
it can be a little overwhelming, so these 5 accessories are the things that I have found
that I absolutely need. Links to all these are in the video description. Memory Cards: Alright, the first thing every
drone pilot needs is memory cards. Some drones come with memory cards, but it
is usually not enough storage. I have found that SanDisk memory cards work
the best. In over 10 years, I have had other memory
cards fail me, but never with SanDisk. So I highly recommend them. It is a good idea to make sure the transfer
speed, or speed at which the data is transferred from your drone to your card, is fast enough,
otherwise you may get choppy footage or a warning pop up on your screen that your card
isn’t fast enough. I would recommend a memory card with a Write
Speed that is 90 MB/s or faster. Another indicator that your memory card is
fast enough is if it is Grade 3, or has a U shape with the number 3 inside it. Another indicator is if it has a V30 sign
on it. And the last indicator on a SanDisk memory
card is the word Extreme. If it has all these indicators, then it will
work well with drones like the DJI Mavic 2 or Phantom 4 Pro, etc. I would recommend a memory card with at least
64GB. Long-Term Storage: The next necessity is long-term
storage. Sure you could
store your photos on your computer’s internal hard drive, but when that hard drive fails,
you lose everything. That is why I recommend backing up your footage
on two external hard drives. If
one hard drive fails, you still have it on another. If you’re on a budget and have a lot of
footage, I recommend the Seagate 5TB drive. It is relatively inexpensive and these hard
drives get bigger and less expensive with time. Keep in mind that this Seagate drive is a
normal external hard drive. If money is not a factor, get a Solid State
Drive because it will last longer and transfer your data faster. I really like this SanDisk Portable Solid
State Drive. One last tip, if you want to be extra secure,
back your footage on two external hard drives and keep those hard drives in two different
locations just in case of a fire or some other emergency, you won’t lose your footage. Extra Batteries / Props: I usually fly for
40-60 minutes, so I need extra batteries. I travel with 3 batteries total, but I recommend
at least two batteries. It is always good to have a backup and most
likely you’ll need to use at least two batteries. If you have a less expensive drone, you may
need four or five batteries because they don’t last as long. I would also highly recommend you get a set
of 4 propellers. Even if you never crash, you could damage
a propeller on a tree branch or other obstacle. Flying with damaged propellers is like driving
your car with punctured tires – it’s a bad idea. Get some extra propellers for a piece of mind. If you fly enough, you will need them at some
point. Insurance: There are many things you buy that
you don’t need insurance. A
drone is not one of them. I always get insurance for all my drones. If you buy a DJI drone, I highly recommend
DJI Care Refresh. There is a small deductible, but it is definitely
a lot lot cheaper than getting your drone repaired or buying a new drone. Keep in mind that your drone’s gimbal is
worth nearly half of the total drone cost. Fly with a peace of mind – get the insurance. Tablet or External Monitor: I used to fly
my drone with just my phone and controller, but once I started using my iPad,
I knew I couldn’t go back. Having a tablet or external monitor in my
opinion a necessity for any serious drone pilot. It helps you make sure that you really nail
the shot because you have more screen real estate. Now you’re going to need a tablet holder
with controllers for the Mavic drones for example. Some drones like the Phantom 4 Pro come with
tablet holders built into the controller. In general, a normal iPad or iPad mini will
work with most tablet holders, but an iPad Pro is too big for most tablet holders on
the market. Also keep in mind that an iPad or tablet comes
in handy when using third-party apps like Drone DePloy or Pix4D for mapping or inspections
or agricultural use. BONUS – ND Filters: Now those 5 accessories
I believe are an absolute necessity. I know I said 5, but I am going to give you
one bonus. Alright, this bonus is ND Filters. I use ND filters often, and I believe they
are a necessity for any serious drone pilot. ND filters help you lower your shutter speed
so your footage looks smooth and cinematic. They also help take away some glare and boost
your photographic creativity. When it comes to ND filters, I like PolarPro
ND filters. But I also like FStop Laps, Freewell, and
Sandmarc filters. Alrightly, now that you have your drone and
necessary accessories, you are on your way to getting those beautiful cinematic shots. Now in order to help you get setup and make
your learning curve much faster, I made a DJI drone video course. So if you have a DJI drone, I will lead you
step by step from setting your drone up to learning the DJI drone apps to flying with
total confidence. That video course will save you a ton of time
and frustration with your DJI drone. You can learn more about that video course
by clicking over there, or click on the link in the description below. Now you can continue on to Part 3, in my next
video, where I show you how to make your drone footage more cinematic. You can watch that video by clicking on the
video underneath this video, or by clicking right over there. It’s been fun hanging out with you. If you haven’t done so, please subscribe
to my channel and share this video with a friend if it would help them out. My name is Brett Garamella with BrettGaramella.com,
and I will see you in the next video.

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  2. Great video! I come to your channel for all my Mavic 2 info and I couldn't be more appreciative.I always thought the DJI Care was another way for them to rake you over the coals. I had to contact DJI support in the past and it was not the best experience. So, I just told myself to not be stupid when flying and stick to the FAA rules. I got the phantom 3 on release and IT STILL FLIES GREAT! 26 hours of flight time and over 200 miles 👍 and it still flies like a new drone. I like the mavic but the Phantom 3 was the best DJI had ever made. (Consumer grade)P3 even had a longer range than inspire at the time. Anyway, great video as always amd now I will check more into the DJI refresh program. Thanks! 👍

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