5 Reasons We Will See the DJI MAVIC 3 in Early 2020

5 Reasons We Will See the DJI MAVIC 3 in Early 2020

What’s up! Brett Garamella, the drone pilot
pro here. There are 5 very good reasons why we will
see the DJI Mavic 3 in early 2020. Reason #1: DJI just lowered the price of the
Mavic 2 Pro. Usually DJI lowers its prices because it has
a newer model soon to be released. I believe that is the case with the Mavic
2 Pro, which has been lowered from $1,729 to $1,379. And the Mavic 2 Pro with the Smart Controller
has gone down from $2,199 to $1,779. Reason #2: The DJI Fly app is here. I believe it will replace the DJI GO 4 app,
and here’s why. When I go into the DJI Fly app, I click on
the icon in the upper righthand corner. That brings me to this page. I press the drop down menu on top. Then I can see which drone I want to use. For now, it works with the Mavic Mini, and
sort of works with the Spark and Air, though it is not recommended for those drones just
yet. However, we can see the option for “All,”
which means DJI has plans for the DJI Fly app to be fully functional with all DJI drones. And it has even listed each drone individually
as you scroll down. So it makes sense that if the DJI GO 4 app
will be replaced by the DJI Fly app, then the DJI Mavic 2 will soon be replaced by the
DJI Mavic 3. Reason #3: The timing wasn’t right for the
Mavic 3 to be released in 2019. DJI didn’t have any significant threat in
the drone market in 2019. It was also dealing with internal fraud that
became a public story, which DJI says cost it up to $150 million in damages. Add the fact that the United States government
was accusing DJI of collecting Americans’ data and spying on the U.S. And although there has been no substantial
proof of this, it still made things difficult for DJI. Also it is consider the fact that DJI will
be implementing AirSense in all its drones released in 2020. AirSense is a function that allows DJI drone
pilots to see where all airplanes and helicopters are around them and take necessary safety
precautions. All of these factors contributed to the delay
in DJI releasing the Mavic 3. Reason #4: The Skydio 2 is a legitimate threat
to DJI. It has the world’s best autonomous flying
technology. Skydio 2 is a portable drone that shoots 4K
up to 60 frames per second, making it more than just a drone with amazing artificial
intelligence. It certainly has gained a lot of attention
in the drone industry, and Skydio will be shipping the majority of its drones in early
2020, making perfect sense for DJI to release the Mavic 3 in order to take its share of
the drone market from Skydio. Reason #5: There is an Ambarella Processor
inside the DJI Mavic Mini. This processor, tech geeks say, is much better
at processing video than the generic processor found inside the Mavic 2 Pro and Zoom. In simple terms, there are 3 factors, or a
3-headed monster that make for good video image quality:
A good lens, also known as good glass A good camera sensor, usually the bigger,
the better And a good processor
The processor is basically a chip or media device that makes your video work fast and
efficiently. And in the world of processors, the Ambarella
Processor is much better than what DJI used in its Mavic 2 drones. Then why is the bit rate only 40Mbps in the
Mavic Mini versus 100Mbps in the Mavic 2 you ask? Well, according to DJI, the low bit rate in
the Mini is due to its small size to prevent overheating, whereas a much bigger drone like
the Mavic 2 can have a much bigger bit rate. The engineers can argue the validity of that,
but in practical terms it means that DJI has the option of making the Mavic 3 image quality
better than the Mavic 2 by just replacing the processor alone. BONUS REASON: The Mavic 2 Pro has limitations
with its video. It only shoots 4K up to 30 frames per second,
not 4K 60fps like some other portable drones, such as the Autel EVO and Skydio 2. It also is very soft on the corners and edges
of the frame despite having rather good quality in the center of the frame. This is my biggest complaint with the Mavic
2 Pro video, which gets much worse in low light despite having a Hasselblad camera with
a 1-inch sensor. In fact, I tend to like the image quality
and colors out of my Phantom 4 Pro a little more than my Mavic 2 Pro, despite being a
much older drone. I know a lot of professional drone pilots
and filmmakers who agree with me on this, and definitely would like to see either a
Mavic 3 or an Inspire 3, or in an ideal world – both! Alrighty, hope you enjoyed this video. If you know someone who would like it, please
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and I’ll see you in my next video!

Eugene Islam

62 thoughts on “5 Reasons We Will See the DJI MAVIC 3 in Early 2020

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  2. Wow….after more than a year, finally Mavic 3 is coming. But I think I will stick to my Mavics 2 Pro and Zoom as each has its own features. Nice if Mavic 3 has combination of Pro and Zoom features with better photos and videos as you mentioned. Thanks Brett

  3. Great video Brett ! Definitely agree on the Phantom 4 Pro video versus Mavic 2 Pro video. I think DJI is going to come out with both a Mavic 3 and Inspire 3. Can't wait for 2020 !

  4. Thanks, Brett. My biggest hope would be that the Mavic Pro 3 has the camera of the Mavic Pro 2 and the capabilities of the Mavic Pro 2 Zoom. That is what I am waiting for.

  5. Have pre-ordered the Skydio 2, but im in batch 3.
    End of January im in Shenzhen the home of DJI, where i will be visiting their flagship store, hoping Mavic 3 will be showcasing there, maybe pick one up if its impressive enough

  6. Do you think the Skydio is actually giving dji a run for their money? I think it looks awesome and I’m glad there is some competition, but I feel the Skydio is different. It’s autonomous. It’s really designed to follow a subject. For those of us who video stationary objects and do still photography, I don’t know if it’s really suited for that. Just my opinion, what do you think?

  7. Nice points on the upcoming Mavic 3! I’m just super satisfied with the combination I got now Mavic 2 Pro and Mavic Mini that even a Mavic 3 with 4K60, zoom lens, and bigger sensor probably won’t make me upgrade… yet. But I always say that and booom!! A pre order occurs 😂! See ya soon Brett!

  8. Great points, interesting about the fly app being used for the range of drones, well spotted, hope so as it seems a better sorted app. Think it was time for an update on the app.

  9. I’ve been reading about that new AMB for awhile. I was thinking that GoPro might use one in the Hero 8, but they didn’t. If DJI one in the next Osmo Action/Pocket it’s game over for GoPro. AMB says it’s the fastest they’ve ever made and can do 8k easily. I can’t wait to see this in action 👍👍

  10. I agree with your comments DJI have 1 big fat rabbit that’s due out of the bag in 2020 , I believe it will blow the completion away, although any competition is more than welcome, regards

  11. Now there are 6 , the Evo 2 pics and information , are confirmed by the fcc.So dji want lie down and let skydio 2 and autel , make noise without them

  12. #mavicmini I will use th Mavic mini to do more closer to things shots, because it seems to be mucho more small that a regular DJI drone. I really wanted to know if this drone would support a beacon from lime cube… I hope I can win this drone, It will be the perfect tool to make my videos.

  13. This is why I didn't upgrade to the Mavic 2. Still enjoying my Mavic Pro with 4 new batteries. Held on to my funds and waiting on something worth the upgrade price. I want the big bang for my bucks not a little teaser . Glad I waited.

  14. The lower price is for Black Friday sale, if the price goes up after the sale, you might be wrong. If they keep the price low in after mid December, they will piss off people thinking the price reduction was not a sale, but in keeping with your theory.

  15. Dang I just ordered the MP2 for Black Friday since it’s a good deal. I have the Mavic Pro and like it but I wanted better quality for photo and video and everyone seems to rave about it. Hopefully it’s not just a waste of $$

  16. The one to watch is the new Autel Evo me thinks says the man with 2 zooms, a pro 2, an Anafi etc etc.. Dang, it’s always something.

  17. Do you think, a Mavic 3 would again be so big and heavy as the Mavic 2? This would be a killer criterium for me. I hope a Mavic 3 comes near the size of a Air.

  18. Thanx Sir ,for sharing these info to all of us

    I want to know after release of mv 3 their may b competition between these two quads

  19. Do you think mavic mini will be updated to use DJI FPV goggles I have black edition or any other FPV goggles, Delaying buying mini until I know

  20. I have not yet dipped my toe into the drone pond yet next yr ill have substantial funds so im looking to see which to start with i dont want to spend £1600 on a top drone then find out i dont like it
    So it looks like ill start with the mavic mini then see how i like it
    Ive a pal known him since school he uses a phantom 4 for his buisness he did a video shoot for a local football club hes very good ill get advice off him
    The club are called accrington stanley he is called steve mckelvey im certain hes on u tube
    So i reckon the mavic mini it is
    Ill post vids when i get it should b fun

  21. Can they make it to 40 min flight time? other than that the only upgrade who can be worth it is a tracking mode as good as skydio

  22. I think that air sense should be good for seeing other drones around rather than aircrafts, and drones should be automatically limited to air space latitude of 50 – 70 m. That should fix most of the issues. Folks with pro license (pilot) could unlock the higher levels, but for most cases that’s more than enough.

  23. They lowered their price ONLY because skydio, there’s no way someone would prefer the mavic 2 which is almost double the price of skydio. Unless you’re seriously a fanboy.

  24. DJI needs a beacon or some kind of receiver option already. I mean look at skydio. I do sports from hiking mountain biking to dirtbiking to scenery shots and we need drones with a beacon. its sad bc Mavic and Phantom has better cameras than skydio, but skydio is the technology we are looking for

  25. I think it's just for the black friday sale.they did the same thing last year and then in December the price went back up again.i really wanted the smart remote to go on sale.

  26. Great video – many thanks! I'm hanging onto my Mavic Pro until the Mavic 3 is released. DJI will not allow the Skydio 2 and now the expected Autel Evo 2 to compromise their market dominance. The Mavic 3 will definitely be worth waiting for.

  27. unfortunately here in France, none knows about Skydio, has even heard of amongst the pros/local dealers, so little if no chance at all it will be a competitor to DJI.
    And the strict(er) regulation(and yet to come next year) will even prevent from flying it.
    Anyone please tell me wrong if such is the case.
    Now, really, do we want more autonomous IA tech?
    I guess… we are so lazy we don't even think of not living with all these….
    I kinda stand by the idea I just want some useful cameras and flying platforms to do what I have in mind, even if it is not easy.

    Thank you again Brett for all those great infos you always feed us with !

  28. Not even watched yet but no we wont. Just launched mini. And not long ago the two zoom. Be end of October at best id say

  29. Discounted price are for devices which are not selling as expected or eol & Pro2 is concerned

    Anything else is pure speculation from nuts yt guys …

  30. Hi Brett, there is one more problem with Mavic2 pro. There is a large number of people worldwide who had INFLATED BATTERIES! I myself had my 3 batteries swollen this summer while I always handle & use them with care. The only possible reason is the hot weather this summee. I searched & found many people like me worldwide. Unfortunately there is no dji care or dji warranty here in Iran, so I had to pay & buy batteries.
    This, & having no zoom, not even digital, are my worst points in Mavic2 pro.

  31. Even the skydio advertising quality from the videos are not the best… The video quality in real on you're desctop is much better even by mAviv 1…

    I hope mavic 3 comes at the earliest in mid of 2021 or Beginn 2022…

    Nobody really needs a new mavic each year…

    All 3 or 4 years a new mavic is more than enough I think

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