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100 thoughts on “4 PERSON DRONE MOTHERSHIP – Crossout

  1. This is probably the worst fusion car I have made so far, assembling takes about 1 minute and it dies to pretty much anything. It worked alot better in PVE rather than PVP lol. (it is not possible to make 5+ fusion car by only docking, you'd need hooks and such for that)
    You can find the cars used on exhibition as "Falconmothership" and "Falcon Dock"

    Hope you enjoyed, feel free to join my discord server: https://discord.gg/fbPMnc8

  2. For the people who have difficulty killing fusion like this in matches:.follow gromek's tutorial videos. If you destroy the weapons, a build like this Would crumble. It's too slow to cause damage on rams, and has no weapons besides these turrets. Just work with a teammate to chip away at it.

  3. How did you win those battles? You have no nanofactories, so each drone launcher only has 4 bullets. Each bullet lasts 30 seconds, and there is the cooldown where you have no drones in the air.

  4. So you basically formed a CVS? I thought it was gonna be a UFO that grapple onto people and "abduct" them, would be a cool Idea though…

  5. dude beta angel , its – man over board. man aboard , lolzzzz. also while im at it, its caVALry. i bet u say calvary lol

  6. anyone else just wonder If the good old days of crossout will ever come back? then say nope probably not then head to the unsubscribe button but remember that gromeks the only good crossout youtuber than smile and remember that hes the first crossout youtuber that made u smile

  7. If only there were 8 person fusions lol….and if only it was better on console….v.v seems to be mostly a pc game

  8. This reminds me of when I’m playing TF2 and the enemy team is just engineers and then there’s that one scout who thinks he can make it but dies to the millions of sentries

  9. Uncle Bob's little pocket rocket….Unfle Bob in to win it…. Uncle Bobs little fidget spinner. Uncle Bobs in the basket solo,…

    This SONG

  10. This is so much better than the all-sidekick game I played, because you can move. we weren't a Fusion, we just saw an all Fuse drone custom game, and decided to try 12 Sidekicks at once. We spent most of it turning each other over, or getting stuck in corners, but it was fun! This looks a lot more viable.

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