$200 vs $20,000 Spy Gadgets EBAY MYSTERY BOX Challenge Unboxing Haul!

$200 vs $20,000 Spy Gadgets EBAY MYSTERY BOX Challenge Unboxing Haul!

Chad: What up Ninjas I have got a two hundred dollar spy gadgets mystery box and a I would believe if I SAW IT REAL gadget Twenty thousand dollars spy mystery box Vy’s behind the camera kick bump me. Reach into my backpack and pull out a spy gadget. Vy: Ooo~ Chad: Wait this isn’t a spy gadget. This is a comb- oh no, wait. It’s actually a knife comb. You got to use a spy gadget to open up your spy box. First, we are opening up the $200 mystery box. Do you guys think we’re gonna get $200 worth of spy gadgets? I sure hope so. Give this video a thumbs up, give us good vibes by giving us a thumbs up. We’re gonna compare it to the $20,000 worth of stuff so hold on to that for a second Let’s dig into this one first. The first item is the roll over voice bomb so I guess secretly you roll this ball into where you want to spy on people and I think you can also play them a message. Right first, I’ll turn it on… and now I can record a secret message Chad: Do not eat my peanut butter! Chad: And now- *Interrupted by the ball repeating “Do not eat my peanut butter* Chad: Now I roll it *Ball repeats “Do not eat my peanut butter* Chad:And now it has a motion detector so if any one tri- *Once again is interrupted by the ball* And now *Interrupted again* And it has a motion detector so now if I didn’t tries to steal by peanut butter, this is what happens All right our goal is to hit $300 worth of stuff at least in this first box So let’s see how much that one is worth the roll invoice bomb is worth $17.99 and you know what Vy *Ball repeats “Do not eat my peanut butter.”* Vy: I know, I know! Gosh! *Laughs* Chad: Guys leave a comment down below what message would you leave on this voice bomb? Chad: Alright, let’s see! Chad: OOOO! Look at these’s Vy! Chad: Razor turbo Jets where these wheels on your feet Chad: And they’re electric and they go up to 10 miles per hour 16 kilometers per hour Vy: That sounds dangerous. Chad: Yeah Vy. I think you should try these out, with no helmet. Vy: Haha especially me. Chad: Oh ages 9 and plus Vy can’t wear these, sorry. Vy: Oh man, maybe next year. Chad: Yeah, maybe next year. Chad: I think we should take these to the skate park and do a whole new video guys leave a comment below Say turbo jets if you want to see us make a whole video of these maybe I’ll get another pair for Vy We’ll go to the skate park. We’ll do some jumps. We’ll do some back flips Vy: And I’ll fall down. Chad: And you’ll fall down. Chad: Anyhow we got to see how much these are worth Chad: $129.99 we’re getting much closer to 300 dollar goal Vy: Whooho! Chad: Let’s keep it going The night mission goggles for spying on people in the dark What do we got here Ha, okay, so what do we got here? We got an on/off switch on the back that goes on the back of your head we’ve got a tube going here through the goggles some lights right here, and then this is probably a magnifying glass. Chad: How do I look, Vy? Vy: Pretty cool, Chad! Chad: Cool, so it’s got two magnifying glasses I can either choose to look through one or look through both if I need extra magnification And then I’ve got a switch on the back of my head here. Boom! Vy: WHOOOOA Check that out, so now I can sneak around in the dark if I have a safe I need to crack, and I need to get up close to it like this alright Vy. We are in the dark, and I’m gonna test this out. I’m gonna flip on the on switch boom Can you see me? Vy: No, I can only see the light. Can you see this it’s a special spy Shadow Puppets Just kidding how much does this thing worth? Let’s go look the net mission goggles are worth $22.99 Let’s go into the next spy item the Royal Flush plane cars now. Why would a spy need playing cards, Vy? Vy: He’s like Gambit? Chad: oh he’s like gambit. Huh? I think you have the right idea, Vy? Because these are not just any normal playing cards. These are actually throwing playing cards with very sharp metal edges Check these out, Vy. So you throw these. let’s just try to against this box real quick Vy: *startled scream* Chad:I left a pretty good mark there. Vy: Whoa, that’s really sharp. Chad: Yeah, and I hardly even threw hard too. yeah, so don’t play with these playing cards if you know what I mean, but a spies gotta protect themselves so you know Vy: Yeah, in case he’s in a casino or something and someone’s like, attacking him Chad: Exactly, and you go like *makes swish sounds* The Royal Flush throwing cards are $17.95 bringing our total so far to this. Guys, do you think we’re gonna hit 300 bucks? Vy, what do you think? Vy: It’s not looking too good, I’m so glad the razors… Chad: The electric shoes Vy:Yeah, because everything’s pretty cheap. Well, that’s good for these guys if they want to buy any of them though Well, let’s keep going. We’ve got a lot more spy items in the box These spyX invisible ink pen. I’m gonna write you a secret note Vy. Oh, It’s got a little light ball on it, I see, But where do I write with it? Oh, it twists off here we go hmm What’s this Oh? Oh, piece of paper inside yeah, so you can put the secret note inside the pen screw it back together I’m assuming underneath here is maybe where you write there. We go. I’m gonna write you a secret note, Vy. Vy: I can’t see anything Chad? Chad: You’re not supposed toooooo~ There what do you think I wrote, Vy? Vy: Vy is awesome? Chad: Good guess good guess. Now, how do you read it? Oh? I see there’s a little button right here. You see that Vy: Oh, yeah Chad: And you see that lighting up? Let’s see what the note says wait Can you read it, Vy? Vy: No, I can’t read it. Chad: Here, let me turn the light on for ya. How’s that? Vy: Oh! *Starts reading* Vy is so cool. Chad: You’re pretty close you said Vy is so awesome I wrote Vy is so cool! Pretty close Vy. Now. We’ll take the secret note and we’ll put it right back inside the pen here Vy: That’s pretty cool, like a true spy. Chad: True. How much is this worth? $9.99 what a good deal Vy and speaking of writing notes if you guys want to write me a secret note for real Here’s the address Feel free to send some fan mail to me I will read it I promise and I read your fan mail on Instagram so make sure to follow me on Instagram link down below That let’s get to the next spy item The voice disguisers, so we just wrote some secret notes But now we got to send some secret messages by disguising our voice when I open stuff I always try to ruin the package just in case I want to keep the package But sometimes that’s not possible And I ruined it by accident This one was coming along pretty good there. We go. Let’s get a battery in here oh There’s already batteries in here via night, what why don’t I just check to see if it works first ok screwing the cap back on So I’m gonna record my voice by hitting the bottom button here And then you can alter the pitch and speed by this little lever right here So I’m gonna record a secret message and disguise my voice so no one knows. It’s me. Hello Vy I think you’re super sweet. This is your secret admirer I’m gonna slow it down. I think by switching this up. Let’s see I’ll play it back *slow, deep, distorted voice says* Hello Vy, I think you’re super sweet. This is your secret admirer Vy: That’s scary! If I got that I’m like “oh my gosh!!!!”. I don’t know if I consider that romantic. Chad: Yeah, yeah sounds like a horror person. Let me try it maybe not so low let’s try this *Deep distorted voice says* Hello Vy, I think you’re super sweet. This is your secret admirer Chad: Still still pretty scary all right, let me try speeding it up. Maybe that’ll sound a little more cute Hi Vy, this is a chipmunk, and I think you’re beautiful Okay, I scr… all right. I screwed it up and now I figured out how this works ready. I got I got it now Hey Vy, I’m super cute, you don’t know who this is alright now, I’ll speed it up Guys leave a comment down below what message would you leave on here? You can maybe pass it around in school on people’s like who left this message I don’t know because I can’t tell whose voice it is it sounds like a chipmunk, or it sounds like a super scary voice We’re good getting up there let’s go to the next spy gadget Okay now this is actually something that the sharer escaped I mean you guys know Steven share carter share and liz share it is the Viper tech okay haven’t tried this yet It’s a shocker though, so it’s a self-defense mechanism so if you’re a spy or a ninja and you’re out roaming the night and someone comes up and attacks you you got to defend yourself right Vy? So what you do is you switch the switch right here up to a lightning bolt, and now you flip this switch Are you ready okay? Watch carefully. I’m not gonna put my finger in there cuz that would hurt here we go Vy: *Screams* Oh my gosh!!!! Oh my gosh!! Chad: All right, I’m turning that off Vy: Okay, I thought I was ready but I was not. Chad: Wow Vy: I did not think that it was going to be that loud. That was super loud. It smells like something’s burning Let’s put this away. Huh, that’s definitely not a toy for playing with well Thank you Steven Carter, and Liz for the amazing present. I will keep this on me if I ever do anything dangerous, and I need to defend myself We’ve got the laser trap alarm So if you wanted to trap somebody and have an alarm go off And they’re trying to steal your skull nobody steals my skull Vy. You got to get alarmed when someone steals your stuff, right Oh? Vy: Hey, quit using that. Chad: Should I be using my spy comb to open up the box there we go no problemo All right, we’ve got three units here Here is the base unit I’m gonna turn it on by clicking on the on button there And then these are the laser-shooting units, but turn this on *Chad makes a Laser noise* Yeah, so you can see a little laser there on my hand hey all you ninja. I’m shooting with lasers *He makes more laser noises* So let’s set this baby up I got to protect my stuff from Vy. Who’s always trying to take my stuff? Vy: You mean your peanut butter? She’s always trying to steal my peanut butter alright, so we need to shoot this the laser is here into the base unit there Chad: It’s so beep did you see that we’re here that okay? Did you see it or hear it? Vy: I did both. Chad: Now we’ll get this one lined up and make it beep hopefully There we go I gotta grab something that I need protected. Vy: um-hum Okay Vy. I got something of mine here. That’s not yours. Don’t you dare try to steal it? Vy: So precious, oh my goodness. Vy: Alright, feed me. I want it. I want it Laser trap’s alarm goes off when she touches the PB Both: OOOOOOOOOOOOOH Get out of there Vy: Geez, that thing’s loud! It’s right well I gotta be alerted when someone tries to steal my peanut butter right Vy: Um, I would probably put this around my diary. You know, just in case like my parents come in and try to read it. Vy: Like, that’s what I would do. Chad: Your parents are always trying to steal your diary aren’t they you the read about your secrets Yeah, what would you ninja want to protect? I mean probably not peanut butter right unless yeah, but leave a comment down below Let us know what you would protect I’m very curious to see what you guys type and while you guys are typing that we’re gonna open up the next spy gadget. Oh Whoops I beats the next gadget. Hey, wait a second. I forgot to put the price this one here the price on this one is $29.99 bringing their total up to somewhere over there, I think we’re getting close I think okay next item is the spy ex micro ear oh? I hope it works on me cuz I got pretty big ears. I don’t have micro ears But I think what that means is you can hear people from far away while I’m opening this guy’s who would you secretly listen to leave a comment down below your Brother your sister your parents, maybe when their parents are discussing what they’re gonna buy you for your birthday You could listen to that conversation oh Wow, okay so it has a little thing here that goes into your ear like a headphone and then right here I believe is the microphone you wear this around your ear like glasses there. We go all right I’m gonna go way back here in vuo whisper something Odd zipper is open Pretty good. Yeah, I was like whispering I could hear you all the way over there cool, and you made me check my zipper Yeah, you got me. Oh that was actually pretty loud So don’t wear this anywhere where it’s really loud because it’s too loud. That’s gonna hurt Ya, I gotta see if we’re getting 300 bucks or not right $9.99 I Didn’t hit you just land it next to you our next item up is a small white cardboard box every spy needs his very own cardboard white box But what’s in the box? It is a pen okay? So you just twist it and the thing comes up like that I think I know what’s going on with this pen though pull it up It’s an invisible knife pen That is pretty sharp, why don’t we give it a try beef? That’s really sure that wood in there like butter Am I too fast for you, okay, are you ready this time? Are you ready? Are you sure you’re ready? I’m glad no one’s hand was in the box like digging around Yeah, you should probably look before you stab a bot just make sure no one’s hands are in there pretty cool pen I like it how much do you think it’s worth beef? Let’s see if you’re right you were wrong. It is seven dollars and ninety five Let’s keep this going Spy axe light hand because when you’re working in the dark You’ve got to be able to see your hands And your hands got to be able to see what they’re working on even though your hands Can’t see I don’t know why I just said that you gotta see what your hands are working on Your hands don’t need to see though because your hands don’t have eyeballs V do your hands have eyeballs No you could paint some eyeballs on your fingernails though Battery is in loaded. I am ready to glow so we go in the dark be alright. Do it. Can you see anything no? Well good thing. I’ve got my spy glove with lights oh Cool so shooting red lasers out of my fingers here, so now if I want to maybe open up a door right down here Check that out. Can you see a door handle there? Yep? Thanks to my glowing fingers. I could have no problem sneaking under this room No wait, maybe maybe I have it a brilliant CD and I need a flag you down ready. I’m gonna give you a warning see You were scared This just means like V. I’m in trouble come get me Well I guess I’m off to go see if we can afford one, it’s $17.99 so I guess we can afford to get you one beat you you want to own V. I’ll get you two of All right so that brings our total of all the items of this box to this This my axe Night Hawk scope allows you to see in the dark up to 50 feet 15 meters if you’re not from the United States You know what I’m going to open this baby up on Instagram so make sure you go check out my Instagram right after this video But let’s see how much this cost first because I think we’re getting very close this is $54.95 bringing our total to Good so we did a good job getting more than $300 worth of stuff now. We need to check out the $20,000 spy box v. Are, you ready, I’m ready I hope we don’t get ripped off And I hope we get $20,000 worth of stuff shout out to all of you Notification ninjas who can hear during the first hour of every video? Because you have the bail symbol on we read all of your comments and we reply to a lot of your comments guys if you want to watch that video click right here to see the $20,000 mystery spy box Click down below if you want to go to my Instagram and see me open this and see me open all your guys’s fan mail That you have been sending CWC merch right up there And links to all this cool spy stuff down below as well So if you want to get any of these check it out be let’s do a kick Bob

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