2 Mavic Minis! Review & Win FREE DJI Mavic Mini!

2 Mavic Minis! Review & Win FREE DJI Mavic Mini!

What’s up! Brett Garamella here and I’m
reviewing the Mavic mini also because it’s the holiday season I’m giving away
a Mavic mini so you’re gonna want to stick around to the end of this video so
you can find out how to win so let’s get right into it what’s going on guys super
pumped up today got the Mavic mini it’s gonna be my first time I’ve flown it
just took it outside the box and 249 grams this thing weighs nothing and not
only do I have one Mavic mini but I’m gonna be flying this with what’s up Ed
Ricker what’s up Brett it’s been too long welcome to Raleigh man we’re about
to fly them is that right I hope yeah I’m super pumped up to minis in the air
so you get two perspectives we’re just gonna talk about it
IDI took his out of the box yesterday I think you had one flight with it
yesterday yeah one battery and these batteries last 30 minutes so it’s like a
decent flight to be honest but now we got two and we have four batteries to
work with we should get a lot more flight time Long’s doesn’t rain all
right yeah we better get to it let’s go let’s go all righty 249 grams ultralight alright
guys now I haven’t really done a true unboxing I did take there were stickers
on here I did take them off but the first thing I noticed the controller
looks bigger than the drone seems pretty crazy right and just taking it out it’s
just you know my first impression is I can’t believe how light it is not not
just the size and you know you can see the size on on-camera here but I can
just tell you this feels like nothing it’s like a little baby bird this is the
difference between just getting the drone itself and getting the fly more
combo over here so fly more combo includes the bag and the battery hub
with the two extra batteries and a couple other things like prop guards and
stuff but if you were just by thematic mini by itself like this this is what
they would come with just the box and the rule control first off I think we
talked about this before is just how small it is it says 249 grams but it’s
actually 248 grams and then you put in the micro SD card in the back and that’s
the 249th gram because your micro SD card believe it or not has one gram so
that just puts it just under the FAA requirement and one thing we talked
about is even though it’s 249 gram so you don’t have to register it with the
FAA in the United States and some other countries you still have to obey the
drone laws okay you can’t just do whatever you want
fly over 400 feet and in a lot of places so one thing I’m gonna have to do is
take my phone case off so that my phone can actually fit in here I’m using the
Google pixels for excel shoutouts team pixel what are you using actually have
to I’m using my iPad I also brought my Google pixel 3a right here so team pixel
but personally I like to fly with a tablet because you get more screen real
estate but I understand a lot of people like to fly with their phone this is
nice I like the simple gimbal cover just comes right off and on you got to take
this part off first and you just got to be cognizant of these don’t go like
jamming it in there okay just be ever so careful when you put this on and off
that way you Jam it on this turned or like torqued in some way and
you might damage the gimbal if you Jam that cover on right yep and for for all
you beginners out there people were just starting with drones or DGI you don’t
want to fly with this on okay so before you turn on the drone take this off and
then when you’re traveling always keep this on because that will help the
longevity of your gimbal so always always keep that on when you’re not when
the drone is not on yeah so every maverick I’ve flown you can use I use
this with my tablet it has basically this is for my iPad this is on one end
this is for my iPad the other one is my USB but there’s no place to put in my
USB normally the USB slot is right there but surprise DGI fooled us switched it
up nice DGI – now I got to use this other one that came with it
and hopefully this one will be alright so it was a little tricky to download
the DJI fly app on my iPad so I’m gonna show you how to do that so first you
have to go to the App Store and just type in DJI fly and if your iPad is like
mine you notice you don’t see it okay it doesn’t pop up but in the left hand
corner upper left-hand corner there’s it says filters you want to press on that
and then you want to press on supports and it currently says iPad only you want
to change that to iPhone only and as soon as you do that DJ iFly app will be
the first one and then you just click on that to download it and you’re all set
now you have the app now even though the DJI fly app is out and it obviously
works with the Mavic mini it appears to be in a beta version okay it doesn’t
seem to really be refined like the GG I go for app that US DJI drone users have
been accustomed to now one thing to note the DJI fly app does work with the spark
in the air but it’s a little glitchy so I wouldn’t
recommend doing that yet I would stick with the DJI go for app with those two
drones however eventually I believe it will work with all DJI drones and a DJI
go for app will eventually be phased out why is that button so big and red Wow
for the iPad version of this app or at least the iOS version that’s blown up –
iPad size yeah that’s kind of a ridiculous a preschool phone style size
button there alright guys so I’m going to show you how to switch between video
in photo you can see over here the button is really big and we just press
on that 2.7 K we have our options we can switch it to photo just by clicking on
photo now the photo button is white okay so that’s how you switch from video to
photo you want to switch it back just click on that right above the circle and
you can switch it back to video and of course if you want to switch it to your
quick shots or your intelligent flight modes you go down here to quick shots
but you have to be in the air to do that 24 only 24 frames per second that’s a
question I had so there’s no 24 frames a second right now and I thought is this
like a Chinese version of the app or like a a pal version of the app
currently in video as you can see we only have 25 frames per second or 30
frames per second as our options no 24 frames per second and if we go to 1080
we still only have 25 frames per second 30 frames per second 50 frames per
second and 60 frames per second it sort of has a very over simplified it doesn’t
look very I would say the word might be polished it might it might look like
almost like a beta version now I’m gonna compare it to my Android Google pixel 3
a so you can see them side by side on the Left we have the iPad on the right
we have the Google pixel 3 a and you can see them side by side how they look for
whatever reason the Google pixel looks a little more sophisticated looks a little
more finished the iPad looks more like a beta version so it’s not that loud either you know
it’s pretty quiet the other cool thing and it’s
interesting to me is this is not beeping normally with thematic the obstacle
avoidance sensors will be beeping at you if you’re that close not having that
beeping sound go off is kind of nice right
my first impression flying it as I said earlier was that it felt super smooth
like everything just felt cinematic this is the smoothest DJI drone I’ve ever
flown with that said it doesn’t have the power that the other maddox have any of
the maddox including the air I feel like it would take off but it didn’t have
kind of a thrust in sport mode did you notice that as well so I was getting
battery warnings when I was only at 57 percent battery he’s saying that I
couldn’t actually get up to full sport mode because of low voltage well sorry
low voltage emits only 57 percent battery left in the charge status yeah
so I thought that was kind of interesting
I still got up to 24 25 miles an hour what’s the the actual max speed of this
I think it’s 29 miles per hour yeah yeah and I think 29 25 to 29 miles per hour
is still plenty fast for most shots you’re gonna get when you’re doing
videos you don’t really need 40 miles per hour plus I mean it is nice if
you’re doing like a car chase or something like that but that’s a rare
sort of scene and nice thing about this I really like if you’re a filmmaker or
professional photographer filmmaker and I like this because you can maneuver it
in tight spaces so I was going over there between those trees and just
bringing it back doing some revealing shots and stuff like that whereas if I
did it with my maverick – I’m a little more worried because it’s just bigger
and if I crash it’s also a more expensive drone so the fact that it’s
such a small drone and it doesn’t cost nearly as much as my Mavic – worst of my
other DJI drones I’m not quite as worried and I have more control but with
that said I felt like this drone because it doesn’t have obstacle avoiding
sensors you always have to keep an eye out for it right like keep it within
sight one thing I was a little bummed out about was that they didn’t have the
c1 and c2 controllers they other Mavic drones they have controller shortcuts on
the bottom and basically I can press this with my finger and I
make the camera go down and up really quick and I use that or grabbing that
yeah they’re programming that and I program that all the time on my Mavic
drone my Matic – that way I if I’m near someplace
I don’t rely on the sensors I can just look down to see if there’s a tree or
something underneath me with this you have to physically move the gimbal you
have to move this over and it goes down slowly or you can adjust the speed but
it’s still slowly it’s kind of a pain rather than just having it go with one
press of the button so to me it takes a little longer and the fact you don’t
have those obstacle avoidance in those hairy situations it’s gonna eat up a
little more battery just to make sure that you don’t hit something it’s really
hard to tell especially you know when the lights changing today I I had a
tough time seeing it with the clouds and so forth
right yeah when we have both drones up there – it’s difficult to see which one
was in front of the other they’re just little black dots now luckily because
this is a light-colored drone yeah it still shows up pretty dark when you’re
flying in the sky yeah the shadow that it casts darkens and and so you’d
actually see the drone in the sky I was worried about that I’ll be like no you
see the white drone up there I think my phantom sometimes the Phantom’s really
far away and it’s white and everything well this one actually was able to still
be dark enough to see at least in cloudy conditions the other thing I was gonna
say is the build quality it seems cheap like it actually moves and kind of
wobbles a little bit everything bends and it bends a little bit but in the air
it’s super smooth and solid and like I was saying it seems to be the smoothest
DJI drone so I’m fine with that like like to me the proof is in the pudding
it doesn’t really matter if this bends a little bit or might seem a little cheap
in the air the quality is really good so with the the lightweight I mean if this
is 200 grams I’m not gonna do it but I could with the gimbal cover I could
probably throw it over there and it’d be fine you know yeah
the lighter a drone is the less it’s gonna break when it when it falls unless
the components are really really brittle or something but the fact that this
bends I think it’s gonna survive the other thing I want to talk about the
quick shot mode so it doesn’t have all the intelligent flight modes like the
other Mavic drones but it does have drone II rocket circle and peel X as
those for quick shot modes which basically you know you
tap yourself and press go and it does it I thought they all worked well droney it
didn’t go quite out as far as I’d like it to I don’t think it went quite as far
as the other Maddox and went maybe like a hundred feet as opposed to like 150 or
200 feet like the other Maddox it’s not a huge deal though it still it still
worked perfectly fine the other thing with with the helix I noticed you could
adjust the different measurements how far out you wanted that circle to go so
I thought that was really nice and I didn’t mind I did the very least amount
of space and I still freaked me out so yeah I was looking behind me to check
and yeah I want to do it again I’d have a confidence – wasn’t sure how far away
that very narrow radius helix would go out over all the the tracking of you as
you move you can do the circle and keep walking so it kind of is like kind of
like an active track but it was good it wasn’t I would say as good I don’t think
it was quite as good as the Matic – yeah well cos active trade requires some
amount of obstacles yeah when this doesn’t have options it basically just
says okay let’s just get rid of it all intelligent flight modes that would
require obstacle avoidance I guess active tracking you can see it
like I said before you can see it on camera how small it is but you won’t
believe how light it is and the fact that it’s smaller than the controller
see I’m hiding it right now behind the controller so it’s kind of ridiculous
yeah that’s about it guys if you haven’t done so please subscribe to Ed’s channel
go check out his channel as well he makes regular drone videos alright guys
hope you enjoyed that video now we’re gonna talk about how you can win a
brand-new Maddock mini in the Box unopened
so in order to win this brand-new Mavic mini you have to follow a couple simple
steps step one you have to subscribe to my youtube channel and then step two you
have to add a comment below now in that comment specifically I want
you to put a hashtag nav aqui at the beginning of the comment then
after you put the hashtag Mavic mini you’re gonna have to tell me what you’re
going to use the Mavic mini for and include one question that you have about
the Mavic mini or about DJI drones or about the software just about DJI drones
in general that you’d like to learn then I’m going to read all the comments I’m
gonna pick one and that one winner could be from the
United States or International I’m gonna find a way to ship it to you I’m gonna
announce that winner on December 9th on a live stream here on my youtube channel
at noon New York City time so if you know someone that also might be
interested in winning a Mavic mini please share this video with them and
before I go don’t forget to download my free drone gear guide right up there and
that’s it look forward to reading your comments I’m Brett Garamella with brettgaramella.com and I’ll see you in the next video!

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  52. #mavicmini
    I would use the drone to make short documentaries about landscapes, buildings, animals, nature, hikingtours,… Hopefully I would film it the right way to show the audience about the beauty of our world to let us protect it as much as possible!
    What’s the maximum data-space of micro-sd-cards using it for the dji magic-mini – of course mavic-mini…! 😜

  53. #mavicmini
    Hola estoy fascinado con este mundo de los drone. Me gustaría aprender a manejarlos para involucrarme en el mundo de video aéreo, tengo alrededor de 2 meses viendo todo video relacionado para tomar la mejor decisión.

    eazy peezy- the coolest surf videos on the north beach and all the other great Hawaiian Islands beaches- # betterthanMagnum

  55. #mavicmini landscape photography, nature, lake and video of sunset with mountains in the foreground in my coming trip in late December, that’s what I’d do and hopefully it be perfect timing. Also going with the usual car on the highway video.
    Q. In sport mode, does the camera go automatically go in to FPV mode while on sport mode?

  56. #mavicmini
    I would use it to inspire patients who had a stoke and lost the use of one their hands, like I did here at the rehab center.
    Could the dji Mavic Mini it be flown with one hand?

  57. #mavicmini

    I'm most interested in landscape photos/clips while I'm out hiking and mountain biking. I'm in Colorado, which leads me to my question…. Do you think it seems likely this drone would perform well at high altitude? Or perhaps have a future rotor blade modification to improve its performance at lower air densities?

  58. #mavic mini.
    One weekago my son only 6 came back from school (Prep) and said dad, I want a drone. At this point I have zero knowledge of what drones can do, Ask him why, he says to spy on the neighbours…..lol…since then been watching on YouTube 247 about what all the hype is about…Now I really want one. My wife… You are not getting a drone for 799 hell no… Lol anyways I would use it to make cool memories of my family in latest coolest way.
    My question is since I don't know how to edit videos and photos on a normal PC, I've seen that you can do it all together within the mini app which is so cool and easy. So my question is when you are loading the videos and photos to edit in the from the mini to make videos, can I add other photos and videos from my phone to the mini app and how to do that if this makes sense. Thanks to you Caramdara…lol brettcaramella and youre channel I have a very slim chance but it's a chance no matter what of getting a drone this Christmas. Good luck to all involved and Merry Christmas to 2 you boys for your channel and to everyone.

  59. #mavicmini
    I'm 67 and as a kid I never dreamt I would able to fly anything remotely. I would just fly it for the joy of it, the location would come a distant second. Question:- I know drones have been trialed commercially, (eg Amazon) but do you truly feel there is a real future commercially for drones going forward ?

  60. #mavicmini i would love to get this drone to document as much as possible during my gap year where i will be traveling and helping in a wildlife rescue center. My dream is to make high quality YouTube travel video's and i really need a drone for cool cinematic shots. I've been saving up for one for a long time so it would be so awesome to win this!
    Q: what is the most bang for your buck drone in your opinion?

  61. #mavicmini
    Being an Aussie working in the states id use the Mavic mini and document all of the cities I go to. Get a birds eye view of this awesome country. Plus it’ll be my first drone. I’m excited to get creative.
    Q: would using those fancy googles help with flying the drone.

  62. #mavicmini
    Hi , your have good Chanel and all my family like it to watch together with me. We have beautiful mountain and flat land, but unfortunately the professional drones are out of our budget. But anyway, i am just making comments because you said that, not really that i must win this drone. We belive, Destiny will come to us however wherever it is… Chao, Good luck

    Question abour DJI? they have around 90% market, but Skydio2 just came and became successor. Will Mavic3 hopefully have the sensors as Skydio2 have?

  63. #mavicmini
    I would use the drone to film some picturesque landscapes in my home country, Belgium. I also would love to film the beautiful coast line of my favorite holiday country Malta! It would be a dream to fly this drone 🙂
    Q: Do you think this is a good drone to start with for a beginner?

  64. #mavicmini
    Hi I’m from Indonesia and A lot of my activities and Hobby are outdoor like Traveling, Adventures .So I want to make movie about Indonesia Environment that have many mountains , Island and cultures.
    I think this Mavic mini is the best for me, specially it has 3 axis gimbal and 30 minute fly time !
    I would loved to have this.

  65. #mavicmini
    This would be the perfect drone to film my 4 dogs take off and chase balls and go swimming in a river with my 4 kids traveling behind and eventually catching them in the water.

    Do you think this is the smallest DJI go while still maintaining the quality of video or will they go to an indoor friendly hobby model and lower all the specs so they can really lower their pricing?

  66. #mavicmini
    I’d use this drone to make videos for my son and the neighbor kid to use on their YouTube channels.

    Whats the best way to retrieve the pic/vid from the drone? Removing the card or is there a transfer port?

  67. #mavicmini

    I am a Sri Lankan. I've never bought a drone before. I'm in favor of a drone worthy of this price. But as a school student I still have no financial ability. Honestly, I mainly hope that a drone captures photos and videos of beautiful things like a bird's eye. My group of friends and I look forward to producing a team report on deforestation in Sri Lanka next year. There is a need for a drone to take photos and videos as evidence. I chose Mavic Mini for this purpose because it weighs less than 250g and is not required to be registered under the legal regulations of Sri Lanka. I think this opportunity is very valuable to me.

    My Question : If the Mavic Mini loses the signal with the remote, will the drone go into auto home mode?

    Thankyou sir!!🔥

  68. #mavicmini
    I wanna use the to film my fpv flight locations and the film the beautiful west Virginia and Ohio scenery in the usa. As well and proximity flying with a stable video footage for my fpv channel and all the other channels. And how do the crash prevention sensors work can the work with still being close to something or do they have to be turned off? like flying through a tight gap nice and slow and steady? And thanks for the opportunity🙌

  69. #mavicmini
    I like the dij drones and the #mavicmini is very nice to beginners pilots how me.
    Me question is can fly on USA in the night and around people and need register on FAA??

  70. #Mavicminii
    I live on Oahu and we have so many beautiful places to fly so I have thought about purchasing a drone often but just never pulled the trigger. The more video I watch the more eager I am to get out there. My question would be in regard to flying over water and photographing things such as dolphins and whales. I'm pretty responsible and would never attempt to fly anywhere close to them, however I would think that 300 to 500 feet would be a safe range between the drone and subject. Are you aware of any restrictions regarding this?
    Thanks, Dave

  71. #mavicmini
    I think the MavicMini would be a great addition to my travel gear to allow for travel videos. Being so small is landing a problem in grass or would you recommend hand landing?

  72. #mavicmini
    Just started drone flying with a cheap drone and now I am hooked. DJI is my next drone for sure. Would love to have a DJI for camera and obstacle avoidance features. I live in North Florida. I am an avid outdoorsman and would love to film shots over the water and woods. My daughter teaches yoga on the beach and would love to get footage of her classes. There are endless opportunities to use a camera drone in the sunshine state. Question is there a way to make the Mavicmini return to home even when I move the home position when I am fishing on a boat? Thanks for your efforts.

  73. #mavicmini
    I would use the mavic mini as a everyday carry drone. I would try to take it with me everywhere I go. The question I have is, do you think we will be able to use other mavic controllers on the mavic mini when they are able to use the app?

  74. #mavicmini I never owned a drone so far and I would like to start with DJI Mavic mini which is not available in India yet. Also I would like to know is DJI Mavic mini good option for first time user? how easy it is to learn?
    I am getting attached to Drone of late, I hope to learn more from your channel. 👍

  75. @ I absolutely need a Mavic Mini to see my neighbor when she takes a shower 🤣 !!! My question is : do you think that the Mavic Mini will get an update with "subject tracking" ?

  76. #mavicmini So I am 66 and the wife is 63. I own/fly a Mavic Air and love it. The wife thinks it's great but is paranoid to fly it. She is concerned with crashing it and the $ spent on it and all the accessories purchased so far. She always thinks I should buy her a "toy" drone that she could fly with me and the Air. Now I'm not buying a toy drone! Isn't going to happen. The Mini seems to me to be the answer.
    You made the point in your video of how it's much less of a worry/concern in crashing with the Mini in lieu of the much smaller expense to replace it if it came to that due to an unfortunate accident. I totally agree!
    Brett, I really dig your channel and have been subscribed for about 9-11 months now. Ed Ricker is also a favorite of mine. Between the two of you I've learned so much. Thank you!
    A question I have is, what are your thoughts with regard to getting a drone for my wonderful wife… The Skydio seemed a good candidate for awhile but then the Mini was released.
    So, Mavic Mini or Skydio? Also, if she had a Mini, is it strong enough to support flying with Firehouse marker lights (2-3) attached? And how does it do in the wind?
    I want her to have a drone to fly with me so we can feel young at heart together in this hobby that lets me feel this way.

  77. #mavicmini Christmas lights and quick-shots around around the city lights and hyper lapse of sunset.
    Q. How strong is the body of the mavic mini given it is very light?

  78. #mavicmini. Interesting review- appreciate the “6” reasons DJI is coming out with Mavic 3! Competition is a great motivation.
    Do you think a new phantom with interchangeable lenses is coming? They have the right lenses now. I’m interested in the mavic mini to fly in super tight places for search and rescue situations- houses, large buildings, chemical spills, fire, explosion entertainments, caves, high mountain were weight is important to carry all gear and batteries- glad to hear flight time is 30 minutes. Do they have prop guards yet for the mini? With them you could bump into obstacles and not worry to much. Bad news not being able to look straight down with the button – speed is important. Anyway- thanks for your videos and my fingers are crossed! What are your thoughts on using it for going in to places to look before sending in first responders? Thanks John

  79. #mavicmini
    I plan to use the drone to assist in recovering downed game in the more difficult to access areas (vast marshy areas) in our off the grid property in the UP of Michigan. My concern and question has to do with communication with the drone. Over much of the property, there is no internet signal available. That said, there are a couple of locations wherein I can obtain sufficient signal to set up the drone. Next, as I understand it, communication between the drone and controller/phone is wi-fi. Given the numerous, fairly heavily forested areas, can I successfully operate the Mavic Mini using wi-fi? I estimate that the maximum range needed will only be about one-half statute mile. I anticipate launching in a small to medium size clearing, gaining altitude sufficient to avoid crashes provide line of sight to the drone while sending it off on its search missions. However, if true line of sight must be maintained with no obstructions, were I to launch at, say, a 30 degree angle to clear surrounding trees, the drone would have to be at an altitude of roughly 1500' at a half mile out to maintain the true line of sight. Can that be right? After filming the search area, I anticipate downloaded the captured video to a computer whence I can slowly review and zoom areas as needed to spot the downed game, Given that strategy, I am hopeful that the Mavic Mini will allow capturing GPS coordinates of the precise location where the game is spotted so I can then proceed on foot or ATV to recover it. Will the Mavic Mini provide these GPS coordinates? Thanks much in advance.

  80. #mavicmini love to fly my drone at the seaside it always loiks alive and elegant. A mavic mini would be great as my bebop1 only last 4 minutes due to it being broken so that 25 minutes is amazing.

  81. #mavicmini
    I would use mavic mini to film our family life. Especially mountain and kayak trips with my fiancée and our dog. It looks like it's just made for that.
    I woder what is the most important feature, that DJI has that makes them so much popular. They have some competitors, but in almost all of the comparison videos, DJI is described as better. What is the main reason in your opinion?

  82. #mavicmini I live in Belgium and I am a seascout, every sunday and two weeks in summer, we go sailing in the Netherlands at sea and everytime we go out sailing, I dream of the epic droneshots I could get of our boats if I had a drone so it would be absolutely incredible to actually be able to do that!
    I have got two questions actually: how many times can you approximately go flying with the mavic mini before the controller runs out of battery? And would you recommend us to use a polarizing filter on the mavic mini?

    PS.: Keep up the great work, I really enjoy watching your videos!

  83. #mavicmini hi subbed. I would take this up to Scotland and the lakes to get some great shots and footage. I would like to know how easy is it to sep up?

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