140mm FPV Racing Drone Part 2 – Setup

140mm FPV Racing Drone Part 2 – Setup

Hello everyone, I’m Mirko, and today we’ll see
how to configure our 140mm quad First we remove the propellers it is very important because during configuration motors can be activated at maximum power causing serious damage to things or people. Before connecting the battery it is always better to check the absence of any shorts we can help with a smoke stopper or a multimeter. This model does not have a buzzer so I select 200 Ohms As you can see if the tips touch each other
numbers appear in the display so we put the tips in the XT60 connector. As you can see number 1 remains, this means
that there is no short on the board. We start by creating a new model on the Taranis We press the menu button and go down until you find the first free slot. We press Enter and create a new model. Here we choose MULTI and we proceed by clicking PAGE then confirm by pressing Enter Now we create the switches. Let’s go to the MIXER page and choose the first free channel. Press ENTER and go to Source then we press Enter and move the Switch we want to assign then EXIT We repeat the process for the other switches we want to assign Now we bind the XM+ Let’s go to page 2 and make sure that in INTERNAL RF D16 is selected then we click on Bnd here we choose “CH1-8 Telem ON” you will hear this sound. *BEEP* *BEEP* At this point we just have to press the failsafe button on the receiver connect the battery release the failsafe button and disconnect the battery then press BND again In description you will find my tutorial where
I explain step by step how to bind. Now let’s update the ESCs and verify that motors run in the right direction In this phase it is very important to remove the propellers from the quad. We connect the quad to the PC and the battery
then we start the BLHeli Suite In this drop-down menu we choose Cleanflight bootloader In Port, let’s make sure you choose COM
right, then click on connect. Now we are ready to upgrade,
click on FLASH BLHELI We click ok and this window opens. The system automatically finds the model of our ESCs and makes us install the latest version available. We click OK then YES The update process will start at the end automatically we will be asked to update ESC 2, 3 and 4 with the same procedure we confirm by clicking on all OK then YES. Now that we have the updated ESCs, we verify that the sense of rotation is right. We go into motors, and we enable motor control we can help with paper tape to better understand rotation. The motor 1 turns in the right direction Motor 2 is not, so it will be necessary to give Reverse Even motor 3 turns in the wrong direction so it will have to be reversed Motor 4 is ok and turns in the right direction Let’s go back to the ESC Setup tab to give Reverse engines 2 and 3 Here we make sure that only the ESC number 2 remains then we go in motor direction and choose Reverse then we click WRITE SETUP We repeat the same thing for the engine number 3 At this point we have finished the ESC configuration Now we configure the Flight Controller we need the betaflight configurator if you have not installed it yet you will find the link in the description to download it. Also use the ImpulseRc driver fixer to install the flight controller drivers, the link is in description We click on connect and go to PORTS. The first thing to do is to assign
SERIAL RX at UART2 in order to flight controller recognize XM+ Let’s go in configuration We choose the ESC protocol, for a
quad so small DSHOT300 is sufficient In System we put Gyro and PID at 4K. Here we enable the accelerometer, we will need it
to use the angle and horizon modes. In Receiver we choose SERIAL BASED RECEIVER, as a protocol we choose SBUS In OTHER FEATURES we activate: TELEMETRY, AIR
MODE, OSD and DYNAMIC FILTER We also activate the DSHOT beacon in this
so we will use the ESC as Buzzer We click Save and Reboot We do not have to set anything up on Power & Battery PID Tuning tab for the moment we leave it by default, I have only increased the RC Rate to make roll and flip faster In RECEIVER we set the RSSI channel in the AUX12 for more details in description you can find my tutorial on how to set up RSSI in XM + In modes we assign the switches to betaflight functions they are personal settings and everyone arranges them in their own way, I’ll show you how I set mine. We use the first switch to arm ours
quad, we give the command in position 2 We use the second switch for flight modes. In position 1 we do not put anything, so there will be acro mode. In position 2 we put angle in position 3 we put horizon. We use the third switch for beeper in position 2 then we set the turtle mode in position 3 So we save We do not care about the Motors tab In OSD tab I try to leave the bare minimum, we activate the RSSI value and the battery charge I position these values ​​at the center of the display. TLast 2 tabs do not interest us at the moment The settings on betaflight are over This was in video on how to configure the 140mm quad, in the next video we will do a flight test Thanks for watching the video, please like and subscribe. You can also support me on Patreon by
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Eugene Islam

12 thoughts on “140mm FPV Racing Drone Part 2 – Setup

  1. Il motore 3 mi sembrava che girasse bene , mi sbaglierò.! Grazie per il video ciao Mirko .aaa poi hai detto che hai la XS + ma non ha la telemetria ha solo RSSI . Ciao Mirko

  2. Bella Mirko!!!! Una guida veloce ed esaustiva!!!
    Non vedo l'ora di vedere come vola, userai qualche micro action CAM per le registrazioni? Tipo la firefly

  3. Complimenti Mirko bel video. 👍👍👍
    Una domanda: non capisco perché impostare Dshot300 se magari gli esco supportano il dshot600. Quest'ultimo non dovrebbe rispondere più velocemente del dshot300 ??? Grazie e complimenti ancora per il video.

  4. Ciao Mirco, ho fatto l'ordine del materiale e candidamente dimenticato il FC. SIccome su amazon dal tuo link ne vengono fuori una lista mi dici se questo è giusto? https://www.amazon.it/LITEBEE-Controller-Integrated-Version-Quadcopter/dp/B0753BPG99/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1533892919&sr=8-2&keywords=BETAFLIGHT+F3+FLIGHT+CONTROLLER

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