11 Awesome Street Legal Vehicles You Won’t Believe Exist

11 Awesome Street Legal Vehicles You Won’t Believe Exist

– [Alexa] Hey YouTube, I’m
your guest host, Alexa. Do you wanna see some awesome
street legal vehicles? Well, here you go, this
is our list, just for you. (electro music) #11, The Jet Motorcycle. There isn’t anything cooler
than motorcycles and jets. Just ask Tom Cruise, geddit? Top Gun? Er, yeah. Anyways, this Suzuki Hayabusa
has a jet fuel starter from an F14 built into it. Seriously though, I’m
pretty sure if you have one of the fastest production
bikes in the world, you probably don’t need to add anything from a jet engine to it. #10, The Final Objective. If you are thinking to yourself why is a classic ’55 Chevy on this list? Well, I’ll tell you why. It has a freakin’ plane engine in it. Yeah, that’s right, a
plane engine in a car. This 100% street legal custom
Frankenstein Chevrolet vehicle is powered by a 3,000hp Rolls
Royce Merlin aircraft engine, formerly used in a hydroplane. The power plant was mounted in
front of the car, backwards, and continues under the floorboards to a special two speed transmission. Not only does it has an airplane engine, it comes complete with
a functional cockpit. #9, The Eliica. The name Eliica stands for
Electric Lithium Ion Battery Car. The Eliica has eight independent wheels, and we mean independent. Almost like the new Tesla semi, each wheel has its own private motor, because eco friendly or not,
if you have that many wheels, your off the line power will die. Eight motors means more horsepower. 640hp, to be precise,
and since it’s electric, there’s no need for a transmission, thus no lagging by gears. The Eliica has been clocked at 230mph, and the creator is hoping
to push that above 250mph. It rivals most top end supercars, but, well, just look at it. #8, The World’s Smallest Street Legal Car. Austin Coulson constructed
the mini street legal car, which is 2’1″ tall, 2’1.75″
wide, and 4’1.75″ long, has a half gallon gas tank,
and has a top speed of 33mph. It’s based on an ATV,
but very heavily modified in order to meet the road
worthy vehicle status. Apparently the hardest
part was trying to fit all the street legal requirements
into such a small package. Austin fashioned miniature
headlights, taillights, and turn signals, and even
had a 3 x 9″ custom windshield made of safety glass complete
with Federal stamping. #7, Just A Tank. Hey man, what kind of car do you have? Er, I have a tank! Yes, that’s right, a street legal tank. The 1974 Sabre Reconnaissance
tank is a light tank, and therefore has a top speed of 40mph. It only needed a few modifications
to become street legal: rubber tracks, and the
deactivation of its gun, of course. Do you think any government would let you run around town in a war machine? Would you ride around in a
tank or any of these vehicles? Let us know in the comments below. #6, The Ariel Atom. Check out this awesome creation. This is the Atom. It started as a school project
at Coventry University, and grew into an actual company. The car was first shown publicly at the British International Motor Show at the NEC in Birmingham in October 1996. Since then, there have
been a few model upgrades. The Arial Atom features a
prominently visible chassis, no roof, a small optional
windscreen or windshield, and has a turbocharged
Honda K24Z7 VTec engine. Not bad for your own personal race car. #5, The Dodge Bumper Car. We’ve seen street legal
bumper cars before, and believe it or not, there’s some pretty cool ones out there. But this is the first time I
have seen a real full sized car transformed into a crazy
street legal bumper car. The base of the unusual vehicle is a 1984 Dodge Colt 1.6l Turbo. The exterior has been
customized from fiberglass to make it look like the
outside of a big red bumper car. It even has the pole sticking out the back that would make the electrical connection in a real bumper car. #4, Jet Powered Beetle. Imagine sitting at a
light in your Nissan 350Z, and this VW Bug pulls up
to you, and wants to race. The problem is, you don’t
see that big jet turbine sticking out the back. Light turns green, and all
you hear is the loud roar of that jet engine as it
smokes you off the line. This Beetle has a giant Navy surplus General Electric T58 AF jet engine built into the hatch of the car. I would pay attention
to your speed though, you might accidentally lift
this tiny Bug off the ground. #3, The BatPod. If your favorite movies happen to be the Christopher Nolan’s Batman movies, then you will love this one. This custom BatPod from The Dark Knight is a fully functional street legal ride that any Batman enthusiast would love. It’s powered by an 850cc
Aprilia monodrive train, but I wouldn’t try flipping
it around or go up any walls. But the instrument panel does pop out so you can ride it lying
down, just like the movie. (sirens) – Did you see that? – Boy, you are in for a show tonight, son. – [Alexa] #2, Tramontana R Edition. Okay, so you want a race car
but didn’t like the Arial Atom. Okay, okay, we have one for you. The name comes from a crazy strong wind that sweeps into Spain from the north, so forceful that people bunker
down when it comes through, so you know you can’t just
name any car the Tramontana. This amazing street legal car
comes with a 720hp V12 engine on a frame that only weighs 2,990 pounds. It can accelerate from 0
to 60mph in 3.5 seconds, and has a top speed of 214mph. Now that’s a race car. I wonder if they will ever
make an electric version? Just imagine how fast it would
be given how light it is. Il Tempo Gigante. Before there was Pixar and the movie Cars, there was a short stop motion
animation Norwegian movie named Pinchcliffe Grand Prix. Now of course, not many people
have heard of this movie. It was way back in 1975, but there was one who took it to heart
and built his very own replica Pinchcliffe Grand Prix
car, named Il Tempo Gigante. Modeled after the movie’s
dual engine bohemoth, and with two engines of its own, developing a collective 1,200hp, Il Tempo Gigante is mostly only seen as a bright golden blur on the motorways, but if you do catch up to
its top speed of over 200mph, you’ll find it equipped
with the same crazy gadgets from the movie version, including
a functional TV and bar. (very restrained engine revs) – Hey guys, this is Amber – And Alex from Mind’s Eye Design. I hope you guys enjoyed this video. – Tell us in the comments below what you found to be the
most interesting and why. – Also, if you haven’t done so yet, make sure to hit the Bell notification next to the Subscribe button to stay up to date with
all of our latest tech. – [Together] Thank you for watching. – I’ll see you guys next time. (electro music)

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