you heard it’s this sound there that
I was looking for 2 days. I come to find it … hello to all the last time
I left to try to find the orangutans, the big males, I had a bad sprain I had to go back to the lake and get out of
the forest … As promised I’m back in the Dulan reserve and this
times alone to pass the next days on the lookout in the forest
hoping to hear these great vocalises of these great males it’s really a beautiful place I
going to do my camp here I know that in this area of ​​the reserve there is a
great male, these males with the disks facials that can weigh more than 130 kg,
my strategy from now is waiting for him to push his
long vocalizations it’s great ouuuuuu who actually serves him to stay in touch
with her females who evolves so lonely in the forest and then that him
also serves to mark its dominance you heard it’s this sound there that
I was looking for 2 days I just found it
he is about 50 meters and these vocalises there that means
“I too saw you and I’m stressed” He does what is typical of orangutans, he breaks branches
to throw them at me These big males, like that with the facial disks all over the reserve there are maybe 3 or 4 the reserve is doing more than
1500 hectares and there are so few because that these are really the kings
they reign like that on their territory and it is they who are favored by
females there are other male also in the reserve
but they do not develop facial discs because they are not yet
dominant I do not know who’s watching who … He looks at me and I’m in the same position it’s just amazing a female
with his baby came to join the big male. I it’s a real star it’s the king of the
jungle it is certainly the animal the more respected the reserve he fears
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Eugene Islam


  1. Géniallissime cette rencontre est juste fabuleuse! Cette façon de vous toiser de son perchoir…Il est magnifique! mais n'aurait-il pas pu vous charger si il se sentait en danger par votre présence? Merci pour cette vidéo !

  2. ❤ comme je benie toutes tes videos Chanee….ça change de toutes les horreurs faites aux animaux que l on découvre chaque jour 💔 MERCI 🙏❤

  3. sangat luar biasa … tapi boleh tanya gk? bang chanee kalaweit dalam setahun berapa kali pergi ke Mall 😂😂😂?

  4. J' ai cru, pendant quelques secondes , que vous proposiez à Michel Drucker, d'appeler cet orang-outan ….Michel !!!

  5. Vraiment de SUPERS IMAGES ? Ça fait plaisir de voir ça.
    Mais lequel des deux est vraiment "l'homme des bois " ?

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