10 Impressive Watercraft That Define The Word Awesome (Top Picks)

10 Impressive Watercraft That Define The Word Awesome (Top Picks)

– [Glen] From a boat that
can be driven underwater, to a raft that acts like a
jet ski, and even a submarine! There are some pretty cool
options when it comes to boating. I’m Glen, and today we are bringing you ten exceptional boats,
watercraft, and catamaran. – [Announcer] Number 10. – [Glen] Made by Soel Yachts, the first energy autonomous vessel for the ecotourism industry, the SoelCat 12 is a trailblazing, energy autonomous, solar
electric catamaran. This solar vessel has a durable and lightweight fiberglass construction with slim holes giving the
SoelCat high performance when it comes to speed and range. The vessel is 39 feet
long, weighs 13,200 pounds, and can carry 12 passengers
with a crew of four. The catamaran has two 60
kilowatt lithium batteries. Two 30 kilowatt motors can reach speeds between six to 15 knots and operate for six hours
at a speed of eight knots on the battery alone. A massive solar roof required for the electric repulsion system makes it capable of supplying its energy with a capacity of 8.6 kilowatts per hour. You can take a ride on one
of these $600,000 catamarans at the Bora Bora Pearl Beach Resort in the unspoiled lagoon of Bora Bora. – [Announcer] Number nine. – [Glen] If you were to put a jet ski on an inflatable raft, you
would have the Seakart 335, a high performance recreational yachtender that will seat up to five people. This classy watercraft
has a fiberglass hole, inflatable sides, and a
reliable Yamaha engine that gives this exceptional hybrid speed making this fun for the whole family. Standard features include
under seat storage, removable seating, piped deck drains, a fuel gauge and speedometer, and a bathing ladder for when you wanna jump off and take a swim. You can even customize
it with several features including LED deck
lights, underwater lights, carbon parts, colored moldings, custom upholstery, and even a VHF radio. These come with a one
year worldwide warranty and you have to contact the manufacturer for pricing on this. – [Announcer] Number eight. – [Glen] Seen in the
James Bond movie, Spectre, the Scubacraft Spectre 007 is a submersible watercraft, featuring multiple dive capabilities, and the ability to transport
a range of equipment. The patented technology
that alters the buoyancy of the ventilated composite monocoque hull combines rigid inflatable
boat tube technologies allowing for precise control when transitioning from
surface to underwater and while resurfacing. The boat’s modern platform technology makes it capable of carrying
three fuLly equipped people, and includes interchangeable seating, lifting eyes, tie downs,
and lashing points for a range of transport needs. The Scubacraft is powered underwater by batteries and electric thrusters that deliver hydrodynamic control, while a reduced combustion engine drives the jet propulsion system. High speed dynamic lift
allows this to operate in very shallow water
with no exposed propeller, delivering outstanding maneuverability and an exciting air-cushioned ride. – [Announcer] Number seven. – [Glen] Designed by Michael Kohler, and featuring naval architecture
by Enrique Castilla, Silent Yachts, based in Austria, and the Silent 79, is
a solar powered yacht that comes in three versions, the cruiser, the e power version, and they hybrid power version. The solar powered cruiser gets it energy from 56 solar panels
that feed a battery pack with a capacity of 200 kilowatts and is powered by two 80
kilowatt electric motors in the standard version, giving it an unlimited range
with silent navigation. This yacht has an ultra lightweight glass and carbon sandwich
composite construction, with resin infusion and vacuum bagging for a lightweight and robust structure. These are about 78 and a half feet long, 35 feet, 9 inches wide, and
include five double cabins. The solar panels have a 25 year warranty. The battery banks come
with a 10 year warranty, and the catamaran is scheduled for delivery in March of 2020. – [Announcer] Number six. – [Glen] Fast, fun, and affordable boats, the Scarab 165 Ghost and Identity are made in Cadillac, Michigan with pride and a 40 year track record of building some of the
finest boats in the world. These Scarabs are 16 feet long, can carry up to five people
in the spring reinforced seats that have adjustable backrests, and you have peace of mind
knowing that your Scarab has a very shallow draft. Intelligent Neutral and Reverse is an entirely electronic system that allows you to quickly shift from forward to neutral to reverse, while allowing you to
adjust the neutral position on the fly for ease of docking. This boat comes with a 150
horsepower Rotax vortec engine, a 20 gallon fuel capacity, and a maximum weight
capacity of 850 pounds. The boat weight is
approximately 1,600 pounds. Prices on these start at around
$20,000 for the Scarab Ghost and around $25,000 for the Identity. – [Announcer] Number five. – [Glen] Built in The Netherlands, the Neyk, designed by Ocean Submarine in collaboration with Rolls
Royce, MTU, and Bosch, was expected to present this prototype to potential buyers in
January of this year. The 63 foot pressurized vessel is expected to reach
speeds up to 15 knots, and dive as deep as 1,000 feet with a surface range of 500
to 1,500 nautical miles. The cockpit gives the two pilots excellent all-around visibility both on the sea floor, on the
surface, and equipped with two multifunctional color
displays for each pilot. This diesel electric sub
can pivot for tight turning with its innovative propulsion system, and even stay in one place, thanks to two extra vertical thrusters placed in the dome on top of the tower giving it up and down force. While accommodating 12 passengers, this sub has a complete
galley, a bar, a library, and a lavish lounge area
with air conditioning, heating, and many other amenities. – [Announcer] Number four. – [Glen] Scandinavian
boat maker Flying Flipper gives us the new Superfly GT 42 that can be ordered with either two 400 horsepower
mercury outboard engines, or two 627 horsepower seven
marine outboard engines, giving this a top speed of 65 knots. The new Superfly GT 42 has an aggressive and lightweight hybrid carbon hull, features an automatic push
button opening glass hardtop, and the outside deck is even large enough to entertain with a kitchen and bar. The interior is cheerful, open, and airy thanks to large windows
and skylights throughout and houses a spacious living area, a state-of-the-art
kitchen and dining table, and a captain’s suite with a king size bed and a full featured bathroom. Customized and hand-built
for each customer’s demand, only a few are produced every year and yours would be one
of very few in the world. – [Announcer] Number three. – [Glen] Inspired by Tesla, the company Q-Yachts from Finland, hopes to sell all electric yachts and have quietly delivered
their first Q-30 yacht already. These are 30 feet, six inches long and come with either a 30 or
a 60 kilowatt battery pack and an ocean volt AXC20 electric motor, which gives you a cruising
speed of nine knots and a max speed of 15 knots. The 30 kilowatt battery pack gets you a range of 22
to 42 nautical miles, while the 60 kilowatt battery pack gives you a range of 40
to 80 nautical miles. The boat produces minimal noise and wake, has a super quiet power train, and would be good for
going out on the lake and spending a quiet and relaxing evening. In Finland, besides
delivering their first unit, they haven’t released
any pricing information or when these become available. – [Announcer] Number two. – [Glen] Developed in partnership with Jaguar racing’s technical partner, Williams Advanced Engineering, using Formula E technology, the Jaguar Vector V20E, became the fastest electric
motorboat in the world on June 15th of this year. Piloted by Peter Dredge, who is the co-founder and Technical Director of Jaguar Vector, this electric boat had an average speed of 88.6 miles per hour over two legs of the 0.62 mile course on Coniston Water in Northern England. This Vector beat the previous record of 76.8 miles per hour
that was set in 2008. The power train is believed to be similar to the 250 horsepower electric motor and 54 kilowatt battery
used in a Formula E car. While you’re contemplating which of these awesome watercraft would be best for you, why not share this video with a friend? And let us know in the
comments which one is best. – [Announcer] Number one. – [Glen] Made in Italy,
this catamaran is available in a cruiser or open version, and has a draft of about 12 inches. It’s made with vacuum
molded carbon fiber shelves and has a weight of 3,086 pounds. The outcut is two feet, 11 inches long, eight feet, two inches to
11 feet, six inches wide, and has room for 10 people on the deck while having room for four
people in a forward cabin that includes a bathroom, a kitchen with a two burner
sink and hob, and a shower. This catamaran comes
with a choice of either electric or fuel engines. Two, four, or 10 kilowatt engines can operate at a top speed
of up to seven knots, or eight miles per hour. Fuel engines come with your choice of two, 20, 30, or 40 horsepower
four stroke outboards, and give you a top speed of 23
knots, or 26 miles per hour. – Hey guys, this is Cassie. I hope you guys enjoyed this video. Tell us in the comments below what you found to be the
most interesting, and why. Also, if you haven’t done so yet, make sure to hit the bell notification next to the subscribe button to stay up to date with
all of our latest videos. Thank you for watching. I’ll see you guys next time. (chill music)

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    A battery has not "Kilowatts" capacity but "Kilowatt hours" instead, for example.
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    Kilowatt is a power or performance unit, like horsepowers, multiplied by time it is energy (= ability to do work).

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