๐ŸŽง RPG / D&D Ambience – Temple Of The Earth | Elementals, Boulders, Earthquakes, Drones

๐ŸŽง RPG / D&D Ambience – Temple Of The Earth | Elementals, Boulders, Earthquakes, Drones

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Eugene Islam

15 thoughts on “๐ŸŽง RPG / D&D Ambience – Temple Of The Earth | Elementals, Boulders, Earthquakes, Drones

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    ๐Ÿ“Œ Here's another ambience for your RPG sessions or for your projects, a temple of the earth, with a stream, gravels, eerie atmoshpere, and many others. You can expect many more ambient creations like this one! You need a special ambience for your RPG sessions ? Just ask, and I create it !

  2. I love these "Temple of," series. Each one is unique and I appreciate you uploading them. Happy Thanksgiving and wishing you a terrific holiday weekend…
    ๐Ÿฆƒ Ruby*

  3. Talisman brought you all the way here. On the edge of the kingdom, swamps full of decaying corpses of humans, beasts and ancient reptiles. The stench of sulfur and rot is paralyzing, but you know too well how high the rate is. Temple hidden from the eyes of mortals. A silent witness to the cruelty of the empire. Secrets of times considered to be out of date They are seeping through holes in the walls.

  4. "Deep, deep in a forgotten crevice in a mountain nearly as old as time itself there is a temple long forgotten by time. It sits and waits for an adventurer to rediscover it or for the end of the world, whichever comes first."
    That's part of one of the old wizard's stories that he told to you and the other children when you were young. Now, after what seems like months of exploration and charting and days of climbing sheer rock walls and navigating abandoned tunnels you finally found the temple. Strange and primordial flora decorate and illuminate the bottom of the chasm. Light from the plants reflecting off a small waterfall and long river that flows away from the temple, back underground. Strangely, even though the plants are overgrown, they have not overgrown onto the temple itself. Almost as the temple itself won't allow it. The temple itself is in exceptional condition. The carvings and structure itself shows no signs of wear or erosion. After a few moments to appreciate the beauty of the temple and ancient plant life surrounding it you light a torch and head into the temple, wondering what secrets or treasure it could hold.

  5. Hey Michael, started DMING not too long ago (im not a new player at all though) and those ambience and soundtracks been really nice so far

    Im sure you have quite alot on your hands already but ive sort of had a request or thing id like seeing.

    A town in chaos. Fire burning, people screaming from time to time and the sound of a horse or people running here and there. Something that could play during a raid or civil war.

    Dont believe ive seen a good ambience one for that yet. Itd really be nice to have around!
    Anyway, keep up the good work

  6. I'm a new DM and I love listening to your works while doing session prep. That way I can preview and select just the right ambiance(s) for my group.

  7. Yes! A long awaited one ๐Ÿ™‚
    I like what you did with the water and the bells. I feared the earthquakes and boulders would come disturb the ambiance by their loudness, but they still have their place in the temple.
    Not an easy one to make. Good job

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