At first, pop in Yokomo booth good morning Mr. Mishima of Yokomo Thank you for introducing my channel on your blog the other day I must insist that my channel is R18 I look forward to Yokomo’s success Thank you so much Let’s check Yokomo booth at RCDC2019 new products The brand new YD-2R As you already know, rear motor conversion kit has already launched Then we will make soon release of YD-2R (rear motor version) kit new designed upper deck is included in the kit Pitching rigidity is increased with the upper deck I hope this kit will have been released by the end of 2019 Later, we will also sell optional parts of YD-2R kit The upper deck for curved slide rack will also be released recommended sales price is JPY38,800 without tax This chassis kit detail is quite similar to YD-2E & S PLUS new lubricants have been released too I strongly recommend this items This items might be for geeks Do you mean you used left one in the daytime and right one is for in the evening? White one could be good in the evening Are you OK? You are the spokesman of Yokomo I’m worried about your position in Yokomo Don’t worry about this! I love DOSLOG channel Have you already handed these to Morita? Oh! Yeah! He might use these day and night Hey, stop kidding! It’s time to explain, seriously Especially this one is extreme pressure agent When something rubbed hard Oil that can withstand that pressure What is this oil used for? This is a kind of bearing oil Oil the bearings then run And the bearing can be coated with heat he coating makes it easier for the bearings to roll As the oil has a high viscosity After bearing is coated degrease with parts cleaner then you put low viscosity oil This makes different especially for bearings of front hub carrier of RWD Because it is highly durable as an oil oil is less likely to scatter when the bearing rotates This is good for not only bearings but also universal joint It is a recommended item What about white oil? This is teflon oil This keeps the frictional resistance low Where do you put this teflon oil? This oil is recommended where metal and resin come into contact for ball end, sus pin also good for the inside of gear box This might be good for Morita too? Morita has less friction Are you really ok? The president might get angry This is new aluminum ball diff of YD-2 What will improve if this is built? Throttle response is improved When the rotating part becomes lighter rotating to produce a gyro effect If this part of the rear is heavy the movement in the roll direction is restricted Lightening this will sharpen the rear roll. And the steering response also increases How tight is the ball differential? for example on high grip surface I think it’s better to loosen ball diff This will improve turning performance How is about sliding surface? If you tighten the ball diff, you will get more forward power on sliding surface Yokomo chassis are displayed By the way, a lot of people are waiting for Yokomo ESC, Wifi module and etc… Hopefully they can be prepared around mid-December ESC Wifi module will be ready Anyway, I look forward to Yokomo products thank’s New young talent of Yokomo Hello A new works driver who joined Yokomo. Can I have your name? My name is Kosei You really became a works driver just before RCDC 2019 Yes I do What are your goals for this event? Do my best and I want to stand on the podium My roll (Kosei’s father) is just concentrating on supporting my driver, Kosei You always check the running with an intercom Your role is to tell the situation in real time, don’t you? Yes, I do It’s like a spotter in D1, isn’t it? I’m looking forward to seein you on the podium in the end Your son is good looking How old are you? 11 years old Kosei will grow up more and more from now on I’m glad if my son has fun doing radio control. That is the most important thing Does the parent and child have a good educational impact if you do radio control? This experience is very positive for example Because you control everything at your own risk when you’re on stage from start to finish I think this experience is not possible in usual life I see You can learn the principle of self-responsibility from a young age via Rc drift This is really good thing There are many people who can blame others. Don’t become such an adult Not only in Japan but also all over the world When we do radio control with parent and child You can take a lot of communication can be closer relationship Someday the kids will become independent However, this can be memories of my son I think this experience will be memorable Children becomes polite when doing with RC with a parent I know one kid who play RC very hard with his father That kid is also super polite When I see that kid I realize that education and decipline from parents are important. If you are in this world, a lot of adults around you teach kid I’m really looking forward to you! Mr. Oyaizu of Team Yokomo driver Last year He got 3rd in qualifying of RCDC 2018 I think I was just lucky last year It ’s impossible to get that ranking by luck alone. This time the feeling of my car is pretty good The only one thing I need is concentration New shell of Oyaizu for RCDC 2019 Oyaizu takes part in the event with Yokomo YD-2RR You cut down the motor mount a little I wanted to reduce the weight of rear section What is the gear ratio? Gear ratio: 4.XX On the carpet, the throttle response is awkward If you set the gear ratio to high gear You can use the initial part of the throttle Anyway, I try this gear ratio There are also disadvantages of high gear ratio It ’s going too fast. It’s difficult This is a challenge for me Why do you use standard body posts? This is for weight reduction I expect the shell to move a little like this Even if the tire hits the shell, the shell will run away a little I’ll do my best Compared to last year, I get used to this event and more relaxed good luck superb run Ryo is the No.1 driver of Overdose The car of Kosei in trouble His father is very worried about his son 5 minutes rule: If you are in trouble, you will have 5 minutes to fix your car If you can’t, you will lose Kosei comes back in time Ryo’s transmitter Oh no! The trouble is not fixed, unfortunately The machine was not in time and Kosei lost But his team was in time to repair and run with Yoshiba Hayato Thank you for your hard work It was so close battle within Top 4 drivers What was the matter with you? Anyway, we swapped ESC and motor When we were in trouble a lot of Rc guys helped my son as a volunteer Look at this, it ’s very messy. After having fixed the car, I send Kosei to the stage but he couldn’t join the some final tandem battles due to time over of fixing time It can’t be helped But I wanted to send Kosei again on that stage Many people are in tears And it was really nice to have Kosei on stage I really appreciate all the people around him This car worked very well as well as Kosei I also cheered him It was so close to win There’s something you can do if you work hard thank you Again, thank you so much Kosei, you did very well Again, thank you very much I became a fan of him. Could you shake hands with me? thank you Team Yokomo Morita We will come back again Team Yokomo Oyaizu Thank you so much Many thanks to your all support Thank you and see you next year Kosei family never forgets words of thanks to you off shot moving story Even if I was in the same situation, I would cry heart wariming story of Kosei Morita, where is your tear? My tears withered already? How old are you? What are Morita’s lost love tears? Hey Morita, We just witnessed an inspiring story What the hell did you say? Morita, one day you will cry thanks

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21 thoughts on “ラジコン天才小学生、世界チャンピオンと戦う☆周囲は涙腺崩壊【RCDC2019-YOKOMO】

  1. Oi mate he did really well though. jeez his tandem drift gap was excellent! The drop on the nose of these high level cars, is that just suspension settings or are there other forces at work in the front end, drive fearing or some drag increase, I guess suspension but just wanted to ask

  2. Very emotional to watch young Kosei and his father work hard towards rc drift – very nice to see their great relationship 🤗✌🏼, thanks again for another great video DOSLOG ! 👍🏻❤️

  3. 天才というより努力ですよ!

  4. (ノД`)・゜・。コウセイ君…!親父の背中を見て無事に育ってますなぁ。…しかしヨコモ勢(`・ω・´)…夜は白い液…二つの摩擦にはって…。

  5. Kosei , you and your father are a true team , you're father is fantastic support you could tell by the way he run to see what was wrong with your car and also included those who helped try to fix the car .
    These little setbacks are all part of life , your emotions at the end proves you both gave 100% on the day..
    I would like to see more of Kosei in the future please he's going to go along way in this sport and also in life..
    Much respect to you both.

  6. 素敵な親子ですね☺️☝️


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