Строю болид реактивного самолета – Коршун F-1

Строю болид реактивного самолета – Коршун F-1

Hello guys! Continuing to make our super speed turbo jet aircraft. Engaged in the air intake. Carved out an interesting thing from the foam plastic. And now I will form aerodynamically perfect forms in this area. Because then everything goes smoothly. Still need to somehow organize the channel inside. Honestly, I didn’t really figure out how to make it easy and it was very smooth. In short, that was cool. And here it seems to be more or less thought out in my mind. how will it look like. See, it all started with a foam piece, which is inward between this and this. And now everything will be possible to grind and watch what happens. Later you need to cover with carbon. Here, a little bit like a cone goes inwards. And after this point will begin to expand. An interesting design will be, in general … Formula-1 style is obtained with such an air intake. I keep all the images in my head, then I visualize them. Honestly, I do not understand how you can simulate something on a computer. Again, all the same, in the head you need to keep this image. “The clown knows” how to make a computer. And how to do here manually – please, I know. On polyfoam it is very convenient to work with a rough file on a tree. I once even made a video about these files, “skins” they are also called, everyone calls them. The video did not go, guys. (Few were viewed). Meanwhile, half of all the work I do, I do with the use of such a tool. Either on a rectangular basis, or on a round basis. This thing is very often used. Manually simple sandpaper handles not very interesting. And not very good at it. And so, you see, something is already rudely, roughly. Well, here it is, guys, the result of a whole day of work! Cut out on segments from polyfoam, collected in a package, and then gradually honed everything and that’s what happened. This is actually a finished form of fairing. Even stuck here with tape, because I will delete this area and only carbon will remain. Naturally, there will be a hole there. so I left one segment to smooth it out. This is how it will look on the finished aircraft. Such a thing turns out. Yes, of course if the nose was already ready, it would look epic. But I already like it. All day puffed over this air intake. now you need to rest up the night, sleep off. I’ll think what to do next. I have a basic plan. but you need to think in what sequence to implement it. Four days… Four days, guys, I thought how to make a nose. It seems that something is starting to turn out. The form will be like this. Naturally, now all this will round out, will not be so massive. It will be a little thinner, more elegant. But the corners and silhouettes on the side and on top will remain so. Such a sharp gathering from above is not just conceived. I want to install cameras. Here is the FPV camera. And here, perhaps, I will put gopro with fairing. If I did hollow, so as below, then most of the nose of the plane would fall into the frame and would overlap the video review. I would like to see normal FPV, do not raise the camera too much. And so gopro stood and filmed on the nose, where we fly and how we fly. To visualize the speed came up with several options. The first and most common, as I used to do. This is to put the camera here on top. Tilt it (camera). Here is the phone attach. Enable gps test and watch for speed. Being inside a passenger airliner, I measured speeds of up to 900 kilometers per hour. And the phone quietly fixed these numbers. Therefore, you can trust this method. Clearly shows everything. And the height showed up to 11,000 meters. The preliminary name of the aircraft is kshun f1. And I drew such a logo))) This is a pre, guys. I usually do not call the aircraft. And here the similarity is very large with the beak is obtained. Favorite processing tool – file on a tree. Very quickly, you can cut the foam. Well, then finishes the bar with sandpaper. Once upon a time I was a fan of Formula 1 racing. And so, I wanted to have my car. Flying car. Another option is to put a camera phone inside the aircraft, make there some kind of highlight and observe how the speed rises. But we will not see what is happening around. But from the aerodynamic point of view will be great. There will be nothing hanging around, performing and so on. Less than five hours of work and the nose is actually ready. More precisely its basic form is ready. Remained some roughness. It is necessary here to glue. From this side to glue and grind. Make this part more streamlined. In order not to waste epoxy on one gluing, I also decided to glue the servos. Servos on the rudders. One servo machine already inserted here. Cut a square under the second. Everything is already set up. It remains to fit. You will laugh, but on the rudders also put 20 kilogram machines. Suddenly at high speed will have to turn on the brakes. And such powerful cars will come in handy. So the construction of the aircraft is in full swing. Pasted the loop until the epoxy resin is diluted. All exactly set. It turns out that for each steering direction there will be 4 things, to fit these 20 kilogram servos. If, for example, on two loops cling, There would be absolutely no sense. To be honest, most of all I don’t like to practice loops. There are still elevons to attach. There were 4 loops there, there would be at least 5 loops. Not yet engaged in this business. Most likely they will cling later. Now I will say a few words about the equipment and electronics, which I will use. I used to use flySky like this all the time. I really like him primarily because that it is a very simple apparatus. Very simple is the first. And the second is she never gave errors. That is, always the aircraft flew normally. There was no failure, that is, everything was fine. And now there is a new equipment – TARANIS 9. Digital telemetry radio system taranis-plus. I already use it actively. I start here such quadcopters. So far I have two racing copters (drone), I train to fly. Well, now, I want to share with you this pain. Here I was fine. And here I always have some problems with taranis! Dot today, specifically … See what happened? See that with the antenna? Now I’ll show you the battery. I leveled her a little. The quadcopter crashed (drone). He flew normally, everything was fine. He flew near him, did not even fly away. Went to turn, landing. It was literally 50 meters. The device was completely cut off and crashed down on some boards. Smear the battery. The unit itself is whole. As if nothing really happens to them. That’s where the dirt got. What can not be said about such devices. If it crashes, then I don’t even know what to do … Watching where it falls, depending on how fast it falls … If he flies fast, he will simply break up into “meat” anyway. I do not know now what to do. Use serious equipment? Bought already high-quality receivers. They are also not cheap, unlike these. How to proceed? So far, I’m afraid. It takes a lot of time to test. I do not know how this could be? From the bay-dumps he took and chopped off. And fell. How can this be? Here (on flysky), this has never happened before. 50 meters only. Scary just guys, with such a scenario, they continue to live. And what to do? I do not even know. I can not hope for all these devices, for all this electronics. Up to the fact that the servos can fail. To the extent that a bunch of all FPV equipment – cameras and stuff, can fly out (stop working). I even had such a thing that I haven’t attached anything yet, just tested the camera not cheap and it stopped working for me. The loop went away, I tried to insert it back, In general, in the end, everything stopped working. Such a little pain. So, guys, we wait and hope that everything will fly well and there will be no equipment failures. Because it doesn’t depend on me in any way. Only hope. And the plane actually looks very, very cool already. I have already managed to love him. It always happens when you spend a lot of strength and energy you begin to value your work more and more. You start to try more and more. That’s what I get. I initially nakazyvayus sharply, then I start to try more and more. There will be an fpv camera, as I said, so that you can fly on fpv points. There is not yet processed and made nothing from carbon. In the next video, it’s most likely to roll the entire airplane into carbon. Nose pasted glass fiber. Because it is radio transparent. Inside there will be all the receivers, all the antennas. There is even a desire to put two receivers in parallel. Parallel to do with a special device. To again increase the chances of aircraft survival, if suddenly the electronics fail. In the meantime, I have everything. Who was interested, subscribe to the channel. Support like (finger up). See you all until we meet again! Igor Negoda

Eugene Islam

42 thoughts on “Строю болид реактивного самолета – Коршун F-1

  1. Так ладно, общение это все хорошо конечно. Но надо же идти продолжать делать дальше !!!

  2. Р.S. – да и попробуй сделать крылья не гладкими, а математически рваными и шершавыми плоскостями , с направлением струйности потоков ,на рулевые и подъёмные реверсы, ну и что бы потоки от края крыла с низу и с верху , больше создавали давление потоков на сам фюзеляж самолёта.Элемент пробки забродившего вина, сработает, уменьшение затрат топлива .

  3. Обидно когда падает и ломается самолёт из магазина, а ещё обиднее когда падает и ломается самолёт, который ты сам сделал…

  4. Херня хернёй. Отвратительный внешний вид воздухозаборникв. Почему не сделать 2 плоских разделенных заборника?

  5. сделай парашютную систему с отдельным независимым пультом. В случае отказа выбрасываешь парашют и самолет плавно опускается на землю.

  6. Порадовал что летаешь на дронах гоночных)
    По поводу дронов – тебе надо в тусовку дроноводов, разбираться в полетнике, там можно сделать логирование, потом после полета смотреть уже где были проблемы.

    По поводу самолета дам рекомендацию. У тебя есть уже самолеты, есть полетники на дронах, но лучше купи отдельный для самолета, GPS нормальный купи к нему. Поставь на какой-то из своих самолетов и разберись с автопилотами, failsafe режимами, возвратами домой, автопосадками и все фигней. Потом ставь этот весь набор на новый самолет с багажем знаний и кучей запасных вариантов. Как минимум спасет самолет от потери сигнала. Плюс на Таранисе легко организовать дальнобойное управление и гонять на десятки километров.
    Если для тебя это слишком много – найди местных, кто это шарит. Я думаю с твоими знакомыми найти такого человека будет не проблемы, пусть поможет с электроникой и тебя научит.
    Успешных пусков!

  7. Контроллер полета можно поствить в самолет. Тот же NAZA, что бы было меньше шансов разбить самолет.

  8. Да-а-а.. С таким воздухозаборником можно самолет смело назвать "Грузин"

  9. Игорь, давай два двигателя на лясипед и по Ростову.

  10. Недавно наткнулся на канал Ramy RC, вот там прям крутые самолёты делаются, почему бы тебе не делать такие?

  11. Да, аппаратура у тебя гомно. Покупай Футабу и будет тебе счастье.

  12. На такой самолет я бы поставил проверенную временем и полетами аппаратуру. А новую потихоньку осваивал и отлаживал на том, что не очень жалко уронить…

  13. Игорь, доброго времени суток, у меня к вам просьба, собрал несколько корпусов из потолочной плитки, а электронику не знаю как подобрать, подскажите что, где и по какой цене можно купить. ( Корпуса 500 мм размах, приблизитель вес 100-150гр)

  14. Игорь если хочешь поставить более профессиональную аппаратуру но боишься поставь автопилот он стоет не более 5 к (это с gps) он при потере связи не роняет самолет, а возвращает домой и не важно каких размеров самолет. Например вот Matek Системы F405-WING

  15. Идею по 2 приёмника и полётный контроллер поддерживаю! Когда важна надёжность – дублирование самое простое решение. По воздухозаборнику – нормально будет, главное не нарушить центровку, а там эксперимент покажет. Может и переделать на 2 по бокам, а сейчас этот тип проверить.

  16. The stock taranis atnenna is bad and useless. And the radio system behind it isn't too good either. There are replacements out there.

  17. самолет должен планировать на выключенном моторе. или хотябы держать стабилизацию, без тяги. за развесовкой следи! просто грузами не проканает. надо чтобы ось центральная(направления) соблюдалась

  18. Этот воздухозаборник смотрится нелепо и ужасно, просто ужасно. Может быть лучше было сделать забор воздуха через щели? Или построить воздухозаборники симметричные на крыльях овальной формы?

  19. По поводу камеры: камеры наблюдения прячут под прозрачные полушария, как вариант: такое полушарие можно установить в носу самолета и через него камерой снимать.

  20. Когда Игорь в очередной раз говорит, что еще не придумал, как он что то собирается сделать – я верил первые 500 раз, теперь не верю )))

  21. Здравствуйте Можете пожалуйста сказать где можно найти чертежи

  22. Merci beaucoup cher monsieur pour tous ce que vous partager avec nous tous ; du fond du cœur un grand MERCI

  23. Чтоб не бояться надо либо дублировать все системы, либо покупать что то ещё.

  24. Do you think it would be possible to design two helium cryogenic Stirling pistons that turn atmospheric gases into a liquid has the air rushes over them that then is forced through metal Tesla valve's with built in Tesla coil's with a superconducting energy loop energy wavelength being passed between them with zero energy loss that causes the liquified air to instantly return to it's gas state producing thrust that can be passed through micro compression fin turbines for a cold thrust jet engine that is powered off the very air? Or how about a superconducting MRI magnetic resonance imagining magnetic coil retrofitted to generate a vortex that caused liquified atmospheric gases to burst into there gas state's generating thrust with only breathable air behind it? 🥴😳😱😉😁👍

  25. Игорь, для тараниса можно купить систему R9m, модуль и приемник, они работают на более низкой частоте, и поэтому обеспечивается дальняя устойчивая связь по управлению

  26. На компе когда умеешь пользоваться редакторами, всё равно что руками 🙂 Сперва скульптинг в каком-нибудь зедбраше, потом моделлинг по нему, допил по дизайну, по мелочам, потом можно и кадовую модель сварганить при желании в любом желаемом редакторе. Можно в разном порядке, что-то исключить, что-то применить, одной программкой не ограничен, полная свобода фантазии 🙂 а если ещё и 3d connexion под рукой, да графический планшет (для того же скульптинга). Мозг мигом подхватит удобство творения ) фантазия разгуляется.

  27. Так можно снимать внутри, потом синхронизировать с наружней камерой и накладывать показателим на картинку с внешней.

  28. объясните кто в курсе, почему нижняя точка воздухозаборника не вплотную к плоскости носа, зачем эти лишние 2-3 см? Так лучше для аэродинамики?

  29. А можно же поставить какую то электронику на возврат в случае отказа аппаратуры управления или потери связи, это утяжелит проект но зато убережет от затрат лишних!.

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